Does your Winter Wardrobe need updating ? We have just the thing – Fatface X Folk

Collaborations of this nature come about for all sorts of reasons, meeting at parties, sharing the same PR agency or in this case, it started with a shared passion and through this came an invitation from, Anthony Thompson, the Chief Executive of FatFace to Cathal Mcateer, founder of FOLK, to work together to create something special.

So, with almost 50 years of combined menswear design experience they produced a collection of exceptional clothes, designed exclusively in Britain. Crafted to the highest quality – as is fair to say, synonymous with both brands – and featuring unique fabrics, details and touches; each piece is an easy to wear, modern essential, aligned closely and staying true to FOLK’s style, that’ll become an instant favourite and instant favourites in your Winter Wardrobe.

For over 30 years now, British brand FatFace has designed and created contemporary, stylish clothes. They’re crafted with unique details, to the highest quality. For work, for chilling, for play. For every day.

Similarly, since 2002, the equally British brand, Folk has designed and crafted simple, quality clothes. Their contemporary style doesn’t follow trends; instead it focuses on timeless pieces, made using unique fabrics and featuring special touches. The same approach has been taken when designing this collection, with fastidious attention to detail, from the placement of buttons to the colour of thread used. Colour is used sparingly, with accents of claret adding warmth to an otherwise neutral palette.


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