From the Land of the Rising sun to the Home of the Home of the Goodyear Welt

Founded in 1879 in, of course, Northampton, the true home of Great British footwear Crockett & Jones are a British institution. Their name is associated with quality and innovation and in 1914 their footwear was used for the 2nd time on a Shackleton Polar expedition, emphasising the excellent quality of the shoes and their construction. Plus, during the 2nd World War Crockett & Jones manufactured over a 1,000,000 pairs for the armed forces under instructions from the government to switch the majority of the production to military footwear, making officers’ shoes and boots for the army, navy and air force.

Now with the 5th generation of the Jones family to work for the brand. The strong reputation of Crockett & Jones, which today sees stores in London, New York, Paris and Brussels, is built on solid foundations and a great ethos started many generations ago. The fact that the business remains in the hands of the family after more than 130 years ensures their shoes still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders.

This season they introduce us to the Black Edition, three styles, one sole, three leathers and one iconic colour. The collection of three styles are The Chelsea XI, The Lanark III and The Tay II, offering an oversized ‘Cleated’ rubber Soul showcased using a selection of contemporary black leathers. A true British brand influenced by Japanese sharp style.

For more than a century, Crockett & Jones has exported footwear far and wide, today Japan is the houses no.1 wholesale market. Inspired by their knowledge of the market and the close working relationships with with such iconic retailing institutions as Isetan, Hankyu, Barney’s, Beams & United Arrows, ‘The Black Editions’ represents shoemaking of authentic quality, design and insight.


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