Horace, the new name in Male Grooming

Horace is a French brand with an international outlook who are making positive waves in producing natural grooming essentials for men. Founded by two friends in Paris back in 2016, Marc Briant-Terlet and Kim Mazzilli. They had both come to the same conclusion: they felt stuck between natural, clean, and well- designed but expensive brands on one hand, and affordable, poorly-formulated brands with cheap packaging on the other. And as a result they decided to launch Horace in order to give men the grooming experience they deserve: high-end products at affordable prices, advice, routines, and portraits on their website Horace.co, and the desire to build strong relationships with a community of users. Being users first and product designers second is the key to their success.

Their ethos is to make products designed for the daily lives of modern men. They believe that – as men – taking care of yourself should be easy, fun, efficient, and it should feel good. Above all else, it’s important to love the skin you’re in while remaining true to yourself.

However, this is not the only factor within their business ethos, Horace’s commitment to natural and clean products is part of a more global approach to the conservation of natural resources. They use natural ingredients sourced from non-invasive plants. That means all the products contain 95 to 100% natural ingredients and their formulas are simple and straight to the point, they only ever use the amount of ingredients necessary for the products to be efficient. No more, no less. They reduce the use of secondary packaging to the bare minimum, and their products’ primary packaging is recyclable.

Plus they are proud members of 1% for the planet, an association created by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. As members they give back 1% of their annual income to environmental protection associations. Horace is a natural and digital-first company, as such, they direct their donations to organisations that support organic farming, take part in reforestation and the conservation of water quality.
Oh, and their office is 100% green energy-powered.


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