5 Carlos Place: A New Retail Experience by MatchesFashion

by Keanu Adorable

Ever since Matchesfashion.com launched and all physical stores were rebranded and resources poured into creating an online empire, it now has reached to some 170 countries and stocks over 400 brands. Over the course 2018, the site has already had over 100 million traffic towards the site. Last year, Matchesfashion.com revealed that it’s on the move, with plans of opening a retail space at 5 Carlos Place near Mount Street in Mayfair. Fast forward to this year, and the 5,000-square-foot building that spans six floors is now near it’s planned September grand opening.

The destination at 5 Carlos Place promises to be a mixture of a shop, an events space and a broadcasting hub; with all the designers it stocks contributing to the experience. And we can’t forget to mention that there will be a courtyard and a chef’s table, too. “We want to bring a sense of enjoyment back to physical retail and create a sense of community,” says Jess Christie, chief brand officer. “We understand our customer’s lifestyle and interests — whether it’s art, photography, wellness, floristry or food. Creating an event programme that reflects the cultural calendar feels relevant and personal.” She’s taken note of research that shows consumers, in particular, millennials, engage and seek more experiences rather than just access to the product. “Retail needs to be surprising, inclusive and personal — it’s about how it makes you feel. If customers take the time to come into your space, they’re looking to connect and discover something, and here nothing will be fixed — it will constantly evolve to reflect each event and designer’s installation.”

Matchesfashion.com will be focusing on integrating various technology and physical aspects. “In a world where a narrative is fast becoming the most popular way to consume content, broadcasting live feels like the freshest way to deliver a brand experience,” says Christie. “We’re launching a podcast series because audio is an exciting medium right now — partly because of the popularity of new voice-activated devices as we move to a heads-up, hands-free world, but also because it’s the best way to deliver quality, long-form content to audiences oversaturated with visual distractions.”

Jess Christie is adamant that this is the way for stores to survive amongst the retail apocalypse that has been prominent in recent times. “I think now more than ever our customers want everything in their lives to feel considered. They want to be educated about new designers, about the provenance of clothes and to understand the story behind the brand. We want 5 Carlos Place to feel as though you are being invited to the ultimate collector’s house where we can host you and create memorable experiences.” A stylish home away from home, where you’ll always find pieces to try on and purchase. But don’t forget, you do have to leave at some point — opening hours do still apply.

The video and September event schedule are now live at www.matchesfashion.com/5carlosplace

5 Carlos Place opens 3rd September 2018.

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