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In this line of business, you are all too often asked to meet the brains behind a new product, service, commodity. Now, contrary to popular belief this isn’t something I particularly enjoy or fine easy, but it does help a great deal if that person is incredibly interesting and you are asked by a close friend.

So when a Friend asks you to meet the creator and founder of a new British Fragrance house, certain preconceptions run through your mind they’ll be posh, arrogant, super intelligent, unapproachable, highly cultured you know. What I didn’t expect was for the person in question to have such a good sense of humour and know so much about modern, contemporary, popular culture.

This person in question is John Evans, a man who left behind a successful career in corporate finance to pursue his lifelong passion for creating new fragrance.

The modernist fragrance, is a new fine fragrance house of twisted classics. Designed and handmade in small batches in Britain, guaranteeing a unique scent that adapts to the warmth of your skin. The house was established as an antidote to the over-marketed, under-powered scents that saturate the market.

The house launches with the modernist, a striking combination of oral, fruit and frankincense. Bergamot opens the parfum and leads to a heart of Freesia, with its sharp sweetness so ening cleanly on the skin. A dominant, distinguished base of Frankincense is enriched with Labdanum, timber and even fruit to create an autograph for the wearer

When I asked Evans, “What is the modernist? ” His response was;
“With the modernist, I wanted to design a fragrance that has the self-assured simplicity needed to be a signature. I’m not a big fan of scents that arrive before you do and linger in the room after you’ve left. For sure, be powerful and be bold, but let them remember how you smell – not just the smell.
The modernist gets you noticed when you choose – and maintains a discreet presence any time you want to.”


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