Is your Bathroom cupboard more HELL than HEAVEN ?

Research released today from B&Q, the UK’s leading home improvement retailer, reveals that the nation’s bathroom cabinets are fit to burst, with over 140 million more products than five years ago. Over half (57 per cent) of Brits whose bathroom products have increased, blame the expansion on the huge choice of products now available and 68 per cent are craving clever storage solutions and better use of space.

The boom in grooming trends over the past five years has put more pressure than ever on bathroom cabinets, with the rise in male oriented grooming regimes partly to blame. 39 per cent of UK households have more male grooming products than five years ago.

On top of this, more than half of Brits (55 per cent) have multiples of the same product in their bathrooms and more than two thirds (69 per cent) buy more of the same product before finishing the old one. A fifth (21 per cent) of us are real hoarders and even hang onto out of date lotions and potions rather than throwing them out to make more space.

Working with B&Q is decluttering and organisational expert, Vicky Silverthorn, who shares her tips and advice to help make bathroom clutter a thing of the past and restore their zen-like serenity.

  1. LET YOUR SPACE BE YOUR GUIDE – With so many storage solutions out there, there’s no excuse for cluttered bathroom surfaces and bulging cupboards. Use available storage in your bathroom and neatly store any extras out of sight. After that, any additional products could be a sign of unnecessary purchases.
  2. YOUR BATHROOM IS NOT A SHOP! You don’t need to store endless spares because that’s the job of the shop. There is nothing wrong with having a backup or two of your essential items but anymore is an inefficient use of precious space.
  3. POSITIONING IS KEY – Position your belongings in the correct place within your bathroom to ensure maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Store the items you use most frequently in the most accessible area of the bathroom and any spares tidied away.
  4. BE MINDFUL – When decluttering, ask yourself the following questions:
  • When was the last time you used this product?
  • Do you actually like the product or are you keeping it just because you spent money on it?
  • Do you ever actually finish a product?
  • Are you stockpiling items unnecessarily that actually take you ages to get through

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