Goorin Bros – Your personality in the shape of a hat

Words by Isaac Perry

Goorin Bros is a fourth generation family hat company; founded by Cassel Goorin in 1895. The brand has been passed down from generation to generation-gaining strength and popularity over the years.The brands first ‘store’ was a horse drawn cart loaded with Cassel’s passion and beautifully crafted hats, oh how times have changed!
Today the company has over 30 shops across the United States and Canada with each showcasing the brands heritage within, these can also be found online and within an variety of stylish boutiques within Europe.
Baseball caps
These caps can be interpreted in many ways, however take from them what you will to suit everyone’s individual personalities, with a couple of our favourite here at Clothes Make the Man being the Silver fox for your more mature male, Bad Ass, we think that speaks for itself and for the more humorous why not take a look at the Big Horns or nuts Baseball cap.
Other than these there are more plain alternatives, with some also containing the names of multiple cities across America.

Fedoras are an incredibly versatile hat and can be worn within an array of outfits, both in the summer and the winter. Goorin Bros offers a wide variety of Fedora styles in a large range of colours, adding class and style finishing off a look, with a few of our favourites being the Fatima, the Deakle and the James Dawkins, trust us these hats are really worth a look.
To make your hat individual Goorin Bro’s also offers an array of hat accessories, meaning you can individually chose out from a selection of feathera and pins, making your hat one of a kind.

These two styles are a small proportion of what the brand offers with multiple others available; take your pick to top of your look!


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