Top 5 Menswear Magazines


Last week it was announced that the beloved and welcomingly iconic Wardour News in London is closing its doors, what once was a haven of every fashion magazine you could imagine is shutting down after 34 years service to every fashion and magazine lover. Many say print media is dead, or at least dying and while that statistically may be true and with Wardour News being the latest victim, sometimes you just can’t beat an old school retro magazine to read on those lazy Sunday mornings.
Don’t get me wrong I am all for the ease, accessibility and punctuality of the digital age, but there is an allure and appeal of the glossy pages and smell of paper that magazines offer.
Despite the Turbulent time for the publication industry, the caliber of titles is still excellent, and here and there a new name appears, and the menswear category is still expanding, in 2015 even the CR Fashion Book launched the ‘CR Men’s Book.’
Of course you have the classic Hearst and Conde Nast names, but the following are the ones that should also be on your bedside table.
1) Wattswhat magazine – A fairly new publication on the block, set up by David M Watts a fashion industry advisor, it’s the perfect combination of fashion and lifestyle.
2) Hypebeast – It’s one of the most well known streetwear websites and publications. With the latest streetwear info and insights as well as collaborating with the fashion people of the moment (Issue 20 saw a collab with Virgil Abloh) it’s a perfect read for anyone who loves fresh sneakers.
3) Anotherman – From the guys who created Dazed & Confused, it’s a london based fashion publication that features everything from essays to campaigns for the modern man.
4) System Magazine – A biannual title that captures the mix of fashion and contemporary culture and comments on the forever evolving fashion industry.

5) Men In This Town (MITT) – What started off as a street style blog has turned into a media empire, having been turned into books and now as well a magazine. It celebrate modern men with their own sense of style.


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