Menswear Trends for Summer 18



The cold weather is starting to evaporate as the snow recedes and the sun starts to shine through the clouds, which can only mean Summer’s around the corner. Out with the long sleeves and in with the short. Whether we disagree with it or not, when a new season starts to set in we’re all looking to see what’s in and what’s not for our wardrobe collection.
Luckily enough, you’re able to look in one place as we take you through the hot stuff for this year’s summer trends before the heat arrives.

Printed Shirts
Once a trend of the past with Dad’s over 50, the printed shirts are making their comeback in style. From floral prints to polka dots, the designs of printed shirts are bound to catch the eye in the Summer sun. The most popular types come with the short sleeves that are rolled up, but whatever you fancy, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

Ripped Denim Jeans
Some elders will say it looks like you’ve taken a fall and ripped your jeans in the process of doing so, but let them know that it was deliberately bought this way because it’s the ‘in-thing’ for Summer this year. Casual or smart-casual dress can be pulled off with ripped jeans, and lighter tones especially during the day are very popular.

Trucker Caps
If you’re not a big fan of wearing sunglasses there are alternatives to keeping the blinding sun rays out of sight. It’s always awkward when you’re walking down the street and look like you’ve got something stuck in your eye, when in reality you’re just squinting due to the blazing sun making it difficult to see. Keeping cool but safe at the same time may seem difficult, but mesh trucker caps resolve that problem well. 6-panel caps especially are also stronger than other styles, which helps in keeping their shape for them times when they need to be put away if the Sun was to fade.

Pastel Trainers
As well up top, we’ve got you covered for the ground too. Although pastel tones may remind you of the colour of your favourite ice cream, it’s definitely worth wearing for your kicks. Colours range from baby pink and blue , mauve, mint and others. They’re also a great different option to your typical white trainers but add a bit more flavour (we definitely weren’t thinking of ice cream we mentioned flavours by the way).

White Pants/Shorts
Okay, these may seem like a bold statement but accompany it with a formal shirt and a pair of loafers and a smart summer look is complete. Alternatively, the casual shorts are also likely to go with most trainer and t-shirt outfits. Most importantly they’re likely to keep you nice and cool in the Summer sun compared to your normal coloured jeans or chino shorts, as the bright colour is less likely to attract the Sun. I doubt the last place we’d want you to feel uncomfortable in the heat of the Summer sun is the lower region of your body.


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