Save our Polos – Lacoste X Save our species (IUCN)


Lacoste known for its ever so iconic crocodile logo is coming together with the international union for conservation of Nature to create an array of new Logos highlighting some of the most endangered species world wide and through projects such as this ensuring that these animals have a place in the future of our planet.
The brand has created 10 limited edition polo’s, with a different animal taking the crocodile’s place. Each individual polo has been manufactured to a limited number specific to the estimated amount of animals believed to be left in existence.
The smallest amount being for the Vaquita (sea creature) with only 30 animals thought to be left, this animals numbers have been diminishing thanks to an up rise in shrimp fishing and the Vaquita becoming tangled and drowning with the fisherman’s nets.
With the other nine being the Burmese roofed turtle, Northern sportive lemur, Javan Rhino, Cao vit Gibbon, Kakapo Parrot, California Condor, the Saola, Sumatran Tiger, and the Anegada ground Iguana.
Each Polo only comes in a white colour way, all priced at $185 (£132), through buying the Polo’s you will be participating in the fight for wild life conservation, helping these animals to not become extinct. Visit IUCN’s Save our species program to find out more information into how you can help save your world. 

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