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(Images by Rebecca Spencer)

Broadcaster James Stewart, is fast becoming one of the hottest new talents out there at the moment. His wit and and charisma on air, has made him a real hit with listeners of his regular Weekend shows with HEART FM. Aswell, as this he has also hosted for international entertainment TV channels including; SYFY, NBC and the live red carpet coverage at the Oscars for E!.

James is a regular face at LONDON FASHION WEEK, both behind the camera and also on the front row of catwalk shows and has worked with brands including; TOPMAN, ASOS and SUPERDRY.

His following on social media is building at a rapid rate, with fans regularly checking out his style and grooming tips on Instagram and YouTube. This has caught the eye of men’s grooming brand, JOHNNY’S CHOP SHOP who have made him their ambassador.

If you could have invented anything what would it be ?
I’d probably event a time travel device, that could only go back in time… I’m a bit of a history nerd so to go back and experience different points in history would be pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to see the future… I like the idea of not knowing what’s ahead!

If you had one day to live what would be your biggest regret ?

I don’t have any regrets, life is too short.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing ?

I have a Burberry Mac that I’m quite proud of, it’s probably the most extravagant piece of clothing I own…but you only need one in your lifetime, so that justifies it, right?

If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life who would it be ? 

Oooooof, I’m a high street boy at heart, so I think I’d say Reiss. I think they’re great for every season, and it’s just really clean and easy to wear.

(Image by Joseph Sinclair)

Who is your style icon ? 

I remember growing up, and my Dad introducing me to James Dean movies (my favourite film is ‪Rebel Without A Cause‬ ) so I think for nostalgia I’d say him. There’s a pretty iconic shot of him in New York, with baggy trousers, a roll neck and that coat in the wind which always makes my mood board for any shoot!

What piece of style advise do you live by ?

Be you. It’s great to take inspiration from different people, but ultimately, you’re the one that has to wear it, so wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, not just what you think you should be wearing.

What piece of clothing would you relegate to Room 101 ?


What do you have to do after this conversation?

Ha, collect my car! I bought a car recently, but forgot to sort out a parking permit for where I live in London, so I’ve only driven it once..!!

What would you like to be doing after this conversation ?

Going to LA! The weather in London is pretty naff right now…

Who would be you ideal dinner guests ?

James Dean (see above!)
Mark Hamill – I’m the biggest Star Wars fan ever, so you’ve got to have Luke Skywalker at your dinner party!
Margot Robbie – got a bit of a crush, and we have the same birthday, so we could talk about star signs….and stuff?!
‪George Michael – What he did for music was incredible, and I’d love to speak to him about song writing, his music and just life. What an interesting human. ‬

That would be it, I’d keep it small so we could cover all the bases.

(Image by Rebecca Spencer)

What is your most memorable moment ?

I got to do the Oscars live from the red carpet last year, that was pretty special, I’ll always remember that.

If you could give your teenage self advice, what would it be ?

…. it will work out!

If you could live anywhere where would it be ?

I’ve always said I’d love to live 6 months on the West Coast of America, travelling around between San Fran and LA… so there!

What would be the name of your autobiography ?

Not A Rebel, But Have A Cause.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and by whom?

Never give up on your dreams, by my Dad 🙂

(Image by Joseph Sinclair)

Tune into James Stewart on Heart, Saturdays and Sundays ‪from 1am – 6am‬. James is the grooming ambassador for Johnny’s Chop Shop available at Boots


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