It’s nearly that TIME of the year – Thomas Sabo Watches

Christmas is coming, in fact it’s scarily just around the corner and the thought of buying for, not only, a loved one, but for yourself gets me giddy at just the thought. Now a perfect gift, no matter who it’s for, is a time piece and a brand which is, maybe not the first to come to mind, but definitely well worth checking out, no matter what your taste in watches, is Thomas Sabo. Yes the German company are possibly more known for their fine jewellery, but Thomas Sabo is one of the globally-leading jewellery and watch brands, operating worldwide, with over 300 stores across all five continents. Designing and selling lifestyle products for both, women and men catering to the varied types, age groups and tastes across the board.

Their Watches are perfectly balanced with both style and quality at the forefront of their design. They are bold yet elegant, completely in keeping with the brand’s DNA with a long lasting Japanese Miyota quartz movement. With this in mind they complement both casual and smart outfits, which in turn allows you to upgrade your accessories du jour, to match our mood, outfit or occasion, so are equally at home when your in a jeans and t-shirt mood or on your A game in business, work mode. The lines are wide and ranges from watches with stainless steel, ceramic and leather bracelets, three-handed watches, through to sports like chronographs. All models of watches, whether with ceramic or stainless steel casings, are characterised by outstanding quality of material and workmanship. Essentially, the Watches are innovative, stylish and durable timepieces that epitomise the ideals of the brand: a rebellious rock’n’roll soul and love for exceptional quality and fashion forward jewellery.

This is not a brand who are fazed by passing fashion trends and fads the versatile, classic designs are built to outlast these fleeting styles. Whether your looking for yourself or females watches they offer a true timeless sense of style.

Creative Director of the brand, Susanne Kölbli sums up the inspiration for THOMAS SABO, “Items of jewellery represent the most intimate, human feelings: it is love,o personal happiness and those special moments in life that we find reflected in an item of jewellery, wishing to wear them very close to us.”

If for this Christmas your after a matching timepiece both you and your partner can share or male and female counterparts the Spirit watches might be just what your after. The Rebel Spirit watches have a 40mm dial and offers a cool masculine approach to the mesh watches. The Glam Spirit watches, with a 33mm dial are the feminine alternative to the Rebel spirit. Or maybe your after something a little more individualistic ? Elegantly rebellious cross patterns, rock ‘n’ roll skull applications and sportingly elegant leather or stainless steel bracelets with ceramic elements. These are the striking design codes of the Rebel at heart line.


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