A Heritage brand with real Heritage – Peregrine

The Manufacturing industry of the United Kingdom are rarely given the credit the so sorely deserve. Whether it’s in the proud historic factories of Manchester, the mills of the Scottish Highlands or the fabric manufacturers of Northern Ireland the Great British Clothing Industry may not be booming in the way they did post the Industrial Revolution but they are on the raise and in great demand both nationally and internationally.

One such brand that has been proudly made in England since 1796 is Peregrine. Peregrine Clothing was established as a brand in 1956 as a separate entity from the manufacturing company J.G.GLOVER & CO, which has been lovingly passed down through eight generations of the Glover family, meaning that for over 220 years they have been crafting the highest quality knitwear and coats, so you could say they know a thing or two.

Tom Glover, current managing director and designer of the brand, took over the company in 2003 looking to revitalize the brand during, what could be classed as very challenging times for British clothing manufacturers.

Every step from the very first design to the finishing stitch has been executed in the UK and of this the brand are extremely proud. Because of this, they can control everything about the garment production from start to finish and they maintain a close working relationship with the team at their Manchester based factory.

Every piece of Peregrine clothing always starts the same way with a few core themes in mind; Functionality, adaptability and a play on tradition. Something special they want their customers to be excited about, where their clothing comes from.

For the Glover family, its important that their clothes span seasons and that when you are investing in a wardrobe staple from Peregrine that you will love them and care for them for years to come. Their designs not only stand up to the elements but transition seamlessly to suit an urban environment making them adaptable for both city living and country breaks.

In this same way and bearing that ideal in mind the A / W 17 Collection has been inspired by the brands rich heritage & connection to both the city & the country. The clothes have been carefully designed with practicality in mind. working with the best quality fabrics & unique design details that give each garment a special character.


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