Speery Good Shoes – Sperry Rainboots

The weather at the moment is about as predictable as a Game of Thrones plot line, with equally as many twists and turns. It’s not uncommon for it to feel like all four seasons in one day so dressing accordingly can be a total pain in the Cumulonimbus particularly when it comes to footwear. Trainers can often not cut it in this weather and it’s far to early in the season to be putting out the winter boots. What does one do ???

Well Sperry’s Rainboots might just be the answers to you needs. Since 1935 Sperry but more specifically their founder Paul Speery has been producing high quality footwear. In fact Sperry is credited with inviting the trusty deck shoe, after he cut grooves into the soles of rubber-soled leisure shoes to make them slip resistant.

With the rain boots you can trapeze over any train in all weather comfort and style these waterproof boots are made to keep you steady warm and safe whatever the weather.

They are made from durable, high-quality materials, including non-marking rubber lugged outsoles with moulded wave-sipping technology for additional sure-footedness, come rain or shine.


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