ASAP Rocky – The Best Dressed Man in the World ?

Words by Isaac Perry

Rakim Myers better known to millions around the world as A$AP Rocky was born and bred in Harlem, New York before being catapulted onto the scene in 2013 with his debut album Live, Love. A$AP which debuted at number one on the billboard top 100, following this up with his hit number one, yet again, with At. Long. Last. A$AP’s taking the rap world by storm, forming one member of the hip hop group known as the A$AP mob, where he adopted his music world moniker.

More recently he’s become common place on front rows of leading Fashion Houses around the world during Fashion Weeks. He been the face of Ad campaigns for some of the leading luxury fashion brands, with his looks communicating to the younger generations of today symbolising freedom and creativity in whatever he so wishes to wear. Through a combination of casual staples and high end fashion pieces, he’s become one of the most recognisable faces, splattered across both magazine covers and social media all over the globe for both his music achievements and fashion choices.

A$AP Rocky is becoming one of the most versatile gentleman within the industry showcasing a blend of styles from streetwear to designer wear and spreading his talents far and wide. However, is he just following the trends of the moment but wearing more expensive alternatives? A matter of opinion I would say, whatever it may be, we over at Clothes Make the Man are in oar of his current styling.

Recently announced is the partnership between himself and Under Armour, which has currently fallen short of many other sports brand and in a hope to rejuvenate the brands lifestyle clothing, they’ve turned to A$AP Rocky. Having previously collaborated with brands including Guess and Adidas, A$AP Rocky has created some wonderful pieces most notably the GUE$$ tee’s which can be found reselling for more than double the original retail value.

Mr Myers has previously said, “I used to put a lot of thought into what I was wearing and then when all my favourite brands were being brought and worn by the biggest posers and celebrities with horrible taste,” soon followed by “that’s why I’m wearing old Raf Simons jeans, beat up Alexander wang boots, and a distressed VLONE T-shirt. I’m just over it.”

So are some brands being ruined by the ‘posers’ in which he’s talking about?



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