Full if Eastern Promise – Eastern RITUALS – The Hammam Experience


Picture the scene the hustle, bustle, noise and a myriad of smells of a souk in North Africa and you’ll often find exotic fabulous smelling black liquid soaps and strange scrubbing gloves. These are the tools of the traditional Hammam experience – where in steamy rooms you can be smothered and scrubbed to a soft glow truly the cleanest and softest you’ll ever be.
Being able to recreate the evocative smells and soft deeply cleansed skin experienced only thus far in a Moroccan Hammam now thanks to RITUALS.

Here’s how – take some time. Switch off your mobile phone (candles and drink optional, but encouraged )
Firstly, slather with Black Soap – full of eucalyptus and oils that keeps skin supple whilst it’s prepared for a real good cleanse. Using a dampened exfoliating mitt made from Kessa this is the first step in preparing skin.
Follow with a hot scrub that exfoliates with purifying sea salt and warms with ginger and oil of eucalyptus.
Thirdly, a Body mud can be applied that purifies and polishes skin.
Rinse off – and finish with RITUALS Body Oil or Body Cream and relax, with the worries of the world and your all your cares and trepidations washed away down the plug hole.


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