49 is the magic number – Strut and Fibre The Football Club Index

We’re in that odd position, 2017 isn’t particularly, or at all you could say, a Summer of Sport. We are equidistance from the end of the last football season and the next.

So this project from Strut and Fibre really whetted our appetite. Strut and Fibre templates have been designed to offer an ideal fit for your tastes and preferences, whether classic or contemporary. They incorporate the latest design trends and seasonal colours, the cards feature a broad range of design styles, typography, colour and patterns so you can be confident of great results through every choice and option.

For their latest project, The Football Crest Index, this is a new publication that tells the stories behind the crests of the greatest clubs in world football. 49 Clubs, 49 Artists, 49 prints, is where 49 super talented designers were handpicked to produce original and exclusive artwork to sit alongside their own favourite club’s history – they have collaborated with The Football Crest Index to make each of them available as A3 prints.


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