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image003-6All of us nowadays have less time, whether it be because of offspring, work commitments or plain and simple just undertaking too much, which therefore means we have less and less time for other activities. Of course a huge proportion of us would confess to buying new clothes as dropping down the list of our priorities due to time restrictions. Well, what if I were to say I could take this weight off your shoulders and offer a stress free and easy solution where you discuss your clothing likes and dislikes with an expert over the phone who could become almost like a personal stylist to answer your sartorial needs ? The Chapar, offers this, literal, life saving service.

Sam Middleton, the man behind the idea is a truly global citizen having spent different stints of his life in Auckland, Stockholm, Brussels, London and started his life in San Francisco. Graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, Middleton entered the corporate world with IMG, the multinational Sports and Entertainment giant. After two years in the corporate world Sam saw an opportunity in the menswear fashion market that he felt was a sure fire success. He moved on and set about creating The Chapar – the personal shopping service for working men. He quickly developed a dynamic team of creatives with a disruptive business model that has grown at a staggering rate.

IMG_3386 - Version 2 (2)The premiss is simple, all the best ones tend to be, all I need to do is dream up the one that’ll make me a million, tut. You register online at their website, answering the obvious questions, name, telephone number, address etc then after a short period and at a mutually convenient time, you receive the call ! A highly skilled stylist contacts you and basically gets a feel for you, brands you like, fave colours, your vital statistics. Then comes the interesting bit, from your conversation they then go off and put together a personal edit specific to you and you alone. Now the stylist does have a great deal of brands to choose from, The Chapar currently stocks brands including Albam, Baracuta, John Smedley, Scotch & Soda, Sunspel and Woorich, to name a few. The trunk, as they like to call it, then arrives at a pre-organised destination of your choosing and then the fun begins, without the need of stomping up and down your local overcrowded mall, no smelly changing rooms, no attitude shop assistants, in fact, all rather stress free a complete package of apparel covering all product categories and selected all according to your taste arrives.

You then follow these 5 simple steps –

1) Try your selection on.

2) Decide what items you want.

3) The pieces you don’t want you place back in the trunk.

4) Stick the enclosed pre-paid return label onto the box.

5) Call or email your stylist to arrange a day to pick up the trunk from an address, where so you please.

Yes it is that easy I promise !


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