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I don’t think its going to come as any shock revelation to say we are big fans of the British Heritage brand Barbour here at Clothes Make The Man, well guess what, they’re fans of us too. So much so they recently asked use to contribute to their blog who we saw as our top five style icon. Easy, says you, well not as easy as you may think as the label STYLE ICON is a term pinned to people all to easily and quickly in modern menswear today, in the same way that Genius is banded about in contemporary language. No sooner has a pop star, footballer or reality TV celeb employed the services of a decent Stylist who selects a suit for them from Savile Row, encourages them to go for a classic haircut that flatters their features and won over a couple of the weekly women’s mags in the “SACK THE STYLIST” features then they are being crown with the accolade of Style icon. If only it was truly that easy, what we are going to look at today is five TRUE style icons in every sense of the word. Men who have really left their foot print in the DNA of mens style and will be remembered for their sartorial splendour and dapper style for eons to come.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 15.45.061)    David Beckham – He’s come a long way baby, this Leytonstone Eastender from humble beginnings, has transformed the world of style and no one has influenced the everyday man more in the style stakes and pushed him to experiment or even try, when it comes to an introduction to fashion and his wardrobe. From the moment Beckham made his professional football debut in 1992 for Manchester United, he was known equally for making headlines for what and how he was wearing, as the goals he was scoring. Barbers the world over watched Beckham with bated breath as they knew, if he changed his hairstyle so would legions of men, whether it was a change of colour or cut, if Beckham had it so would scores of blokes.

Additionally, clothing retailers fight furiously for a piece of Brand Beckham, from Armani, Dolce & Gabbana to Marks & Spencer and H&M, as they know his Midas touch is literally worth its weight in golden revenue.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 15.47.142) James Dean – Not only an eternal Style and cultural icon but defined what it was to be a Rebel without a cause. The saying, “The brightest stars burn out the fastest,” must have had James Dean in mind. He was only alive for 24 short years but what a legacy he left behind, three films, which have gone on to become classics in every way possible, defined his career, East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause and Giant. Dean has been used a stylish reference point  for countless examples over the years including from Fonzie in the TV show Happy days to Morrisey in his Suedehead video. The words James Dean and icon are like hand and glove, they just go together.

To find out the who the other three STYLE ICONS are please click on the link –


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