A winning combination – Bradley Wiggins for Fred Perry

IMG_6102-Edit2012 was an amazing year for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, both Mrs Mc and Mrs Beyonce Carter gave birth to beautiful children, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne, the predicted end of the world didn’t happen, Francois Hollande was elected President of France, Manchester City won the Premiership (OK this didn’t make everyone happy), the two Biggest nations in the world elected leaders, one a returning (Barack Obama) and one new (Xi Jinping), a blog called Clothes-Make-the-man.com launched and a guy called Bradley Wiggins had a VERY good year. Not only did Wiggins win the Tour de France, he also picked up Gold at The Olympics Games and finished the year in the Guiness book of records and was knighted by the aforementioned Monarch.
Now, some might say Wiggo’s biggest achievement of last year was not given enough coverage and may have even gone unnoticed by a number of you. Well did you know that Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins collaborated with legendary casual wear brand Fred Perry ? For this collection he has followed a clear brief to create an authentic, non- technical range of off-cycle wear. The collection is not high-tech performance sportswear or track memorabilia, it is a single-minded collection that can be worn every day. British to the core with a typically clean, lean Fred Perry aesthetic refreshed with iconic cycling details such as extended hems and rear patch pockets.

The Spring 2013 Bradley Wiggins x Fred Perry collection is a collaboration that genuinely reflects Bradley’s personality. The understated but distinctly retro-Mod personality is epitomised by a ‘vintage’ palette inspired by colour cards from the Fred Perry archive. Wiggins’ passion for his country are reflected in the GB red, white and blue, particularly in multi-stripe trims and tipping.

Key pieces include the zip neck short sleeve cycling shirt, a more sporty panelled cycling shirt, a vintage track jacket that harks back to the days of Reg Harris and Tommy Simpson and a stretch twill city short and a drop hem Harrington.


Lord of the Skies – Bell & Ross by Leo Parker

bell and ross

Aviation style luxury watches are set for a big year in 2013 and there is one name that typically stands out from the crowd when it comes to this style of timepiece – and it is that of Bell & Ross watches. Although they are a relative newcomer to the luxury watch industry (forming as recently as 1992) but they have not wasted any time at all in establishing themselves as one of the powerhouses of the industry and their aviation style timepieces certainly forms the cornerstone of their endeavours.

The brainchild of Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos Rosillo (Ross), these breath taking timepieces have found favour amongst luxury watch aficionados the world over and all Bell & Ross watches are designed for professionals and crafted to 4 essential criteria – namely, precision, readability, performance and water resistance. Bell & Ross have a number of different collections of timepieces but the aviation feel permeates them all to some degree or other and it is a feature that has certainly made them popular amongst those looking for a highly functional and visually appealing luxury timepiece.

Just some of their most popular collections include the WW Vintage, BR01, BR02 and the BR S series of watches and these all positively exude luxury and elegant sophistication. Many of the Bell & Ross watches are purpose designed for pilots and this is something that is extremely evident from some of the features that you find on Bell and Ross timepieces. These classically styled, aviation themed type of watches are set for a big year in 2013 and Bell & Ross will inevitably be the driving force behind this popularity.

Let’s take a look at some of the stunning watches with an aeronautical feel that could be yours from the luxury watchmaker, Bell & Ross:

Bell & Ross Vintage Collection:

br1The Vintage Collection from Bell & Ross is unquestionably amongst their most stylish and sought after range of timepieces and you can see just how eye-catching they are from the spectacular Bell & Ross Vintage BR 126 Officer timepiece pictured.

This excellent series of striking timepieces is based on a profound need for military precision and they are designed on the military style timepieces worn by officers throughout military history.

These Vintage Bell & Ross watches are incredibly popular and this popularity is set to continue in 2013 as more and more people look to add a classic style luxury timepiece to their wrist over the next 12 months.


Bell & Ross BR02 Collection:br2

Famed for their versatility, Bell & Ross watches are one of the most stylish, rugged and precise collections of timepieces on the market and that is typified by their extraordinary BR02 Collection.

This unusual and striking collection is a departure from the aviation style watches that Bell & Ross are most renowned for as it is a series that is purpose built for divers and boasts an incredibly impressive water resistance with the pictured timepiece capable of plumbing depths of up to 1000m.

Bell & Ross BR03 Collection:

br3The Bell & Ross BR03 Collection is their square aviation style timepieces and they have become one of the most symbolic watches that they offer and for a fan of oversized timepieces, this collection should be your first port of call.

These watches are genuine aviation instruments and are popular amongst pilots the world over for their high-visibility and precise mechanics. Needless to say, those who spend a lot of time in the skies require a highly functional timepiece and watches like the Bell & Ross BR03-94 Heritage pictured certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

A great watch for aviation aficionados and one of the collections from Bell & Ross that will likely fly (pun not intended) off the shelves in 2013.


All Bell & Ross watches are made in their modern watchmaking facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds and all of the timepieces that roll off their production line have been tested in hazardous and inclement conditions to ensure their durability because, as aviation timepieces, then need to be capable of withstanding even the most inhospitable of environments. If you want one of the most rugged and stylish watches on the market in 2013, it is difficult to look beyond Bell & Ross.


Take a look at Bell & Ross watches from The Watch Gallery.

Something to shout about – Ben Sherman & Teenage Cancer Trust

JANETTE_BECKMA001BThere is no disputing the fact that Teenage Cancer Trust not only do an amazing job but also is such a worthwhile cause to get behind and support. Which is just what the subject brand of today’s post have just gone and blinking done !!! Ben Sherman in conjunction with the amazing celebrated music photographer, Janette Beckman, have produced 5 different t-shirts to celebrate their 50th anniversary and 5 decade of music and style.

Janette started out photographing the emerging Punk scene of the 1970s, and later moved from her native London to New York to continue her documentation of the various music led movements of the times. In the years since, she has shot album covers for some of the biggest names in music, photographed film stars and captured iconic images, contributing to some of the most influential magazines across music and fashion.

JANETTE_BECKMA005This unique collaboration introduces a collection of five limited edition t-shirts featuring a selection of archival images, some instantly recognisable whilst others are lesser-known works. Continuing our association with the Teenage Cancer Trust, Janette Beckman and Ben Sherman are happy to be donating 25% from the sale of every t-shirt to this noble cause.

Now this isn’t the only project Ben Sherman and Teenage Cancer trust are working on at the minute, this very week, there are a series of concerts being held at none other then the Royal Albert Hall and curated by none other then Mr Noel Gallagher !!!!! (deserved winner of NME’s God Like Genius Award). Noel recently said of his association with TCT;

“Teenage Cancer Trust do a brilliant job, and I’ve always been more than pleased to lend my support over the years. It’s an honour to have the task of putting together the bills for next year’s series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.” 



TUESDAY 19 Ryan Adams – plus special guest Beth Orton

WEDNESDAY 20 An evening of comedy with Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and very special guests

THURSDAY 21 Primal Scream

FRIDAY 22 Kasabian

SATURDAY 23 Noel Gallagher | Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon plus special guests

SUNDAY 24 Rizzle Kicks | Labrinth

Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased from the following outlets:


There’s nothing Savage about this man – A.Sauvage

Adrien Sauvage aka A. Sauvage

Adrien Sauvage aka A. Sauvage


Its hard to believe that A.Sauvage or Adrien Victor Sauvage has only been on the fashion scene as a brand since 2010. This force of nature swept into fashion town and quickly established himself a reputation for not only being a style maverick but a real renaissance man, who will unforgivingly not be pigeonholed, turning his hand to photography, film making and of course designing. After turning his broad back, he stands at 6ft 5, on a truly promising life as a track or basketball player, Adrien takes the rather, how can I put this, unconventional decision to become a life coach, using the name, “Untitled Muse”. Sauvage rapidly drew clients from society and celebrity circles and the worlds of rock, film, and politics, quickly morphing from life coach to stylist to designer. With no formal training in design, Sauvage created looks for his growing client base always with his mantra in mind, ‘DE’ DRESS EASY.

The A.Sauvage Working wardrobe for the Café Royal

The A.Sauvage Working wardrobe for the Café Royal

In 2010 he formally launches A.Sauvage, which literally like everything he does, quickly gains notoriety and started to produce pieces for women as well as men, due to sheer demand. Adrien’s vision to make exclusivity accessible sees the launch of the ‘Dress Easy’ collection introducing casual separates and leather goods. As a rule the brand doesn’t follow the fashion schedule, but in turn focuses on the evolving needs of its customers.

More recently he’s turned his talents to collaborate with iconic British footwear brand Dr Martens to produce one of the most desired shoe ranges in recent years. Also, when the restored London landmark hotel, The Café Royal, re-opened its doors and wanted a suitably luxurious working uniform for its staff, they naturally sort the skills of Sauvage to supply a sartorially envious ensemble.

So, of course Clothes-Make-the-Man wanted to get under the skin of this stylish raconteur and learn a little more about him;





If you could collaborate with one brand who would it be and why ?

Nike. My Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is heavily influenced by sportswear, I guess in a return to my basketball roots. I’ve always been a fan of Nike and I’d love to create a range of trainers to compliment the collection.


If you could give your teenage self advice, what would it be?

Dress Easy, Live Easy.


How did you get into the industry, what was your big break?

I started styling my friends’ wardrobes and this gradually lead to the big time, working with a large portfolio of high profile figures. In 2010 I decided to use this experience to establish my own label, House A. Sauvage. A. Sauvage has been well received since my first capsule collection, entitled ‘This Is Not A Suit’. But I suppose I felt the big break came when we moved to our flagship store on Maddox Street last year.


How do spent your free time ?

I like to play ball, watch ball, travel… and take long baths in between.


What track would always get you on the dance floor?

Michael Jackson.


Who would do you ideal diner guest and why?

Warhol and Saint Laurent – great minds, great creatives and great sources of inspiration.


What piece of clothing best describes you ?

Anything elegant, low-key and easy to wear that can be worn without a belt or cufflinks.


What do you have to do after this conversation?

Shoot my Spring/Summer 2013 campaign in Hong Kong.


What would you like to be doing after this conversation?

Interviewing you.


Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and regretted it? If so what & why?

I bought my girlfriend some underwear for Christmas but decided I liked her better without it.


Who is your style icon? Why?

Anyone can be a style icon to me if they look good and believe in what they wear. My photography focuses on Natives – from my home country Ghana, for example, or the courts of Venice Beach.


If you could have invented anything what would it be?

Coca-Cola, because then I’d save myself a fucking fortune.


A.Sauvage Spring 2013 Collection













Acqua Di Parma OUD – Scent of an Oasis

1.Colonia Intensa OUD


Acqua Di Parma is a brand you should know and enjoy the myriad of amazing products they produce, if you don’t, don’t despair they completely deserve a post dedicated to them and the amazing job they do. But, however, that is another post that hopefully, dear reader you will enjoy and can look forward to in the coming weeks. Today’s post, nonetheless is dedicated to a single product from within the family of this timeless luxury brand.

Acqua Di Parma’s Colonia Intensa OUD offers a unique fragrance combining the all-Italian freshness of iconic Colonia Acqua di Parma with the oriental traits of the most precious Agarwood, an essential oil which is a distinctive element of the fascinating Middle-East sensory tradition.

For this fragrance Acqua di Parma explores the rich olfactory tradition of the Arab civilisation. In this world, balms, incense, and perfumed oils are obtained from precious woods, musk, spices and resins. One of the most charismatic ingredients is Agarwood, also known as OUD, which is the most precious of all. An essence obtained by means of a long, painstaking, complicated manual process from the resins of Aquilaria, a large tree which originates from India.

The scent of Colonia Intensa OUD offers what can only be described as journey through many lands starting off in Italy the home of Acqua Di Parma, amongst the Orange groves of Southern Italy. Where Orange Oil is blended with Calabrian bergamot to obtain the top notes. The journey then takes us deep into the spice routes, south of Russia where we collect coriander, mixed with the warm accents of Amyris wood. This is when things get really interesting and we enter the heart of the fragrance through the Gulf countries for the essential ingredient of Agarwood essential oil. The route then leads us through the countries of the Middle East for the base notes of Cedarwood Atlas oil of Marocco, Patchouli oil, Leather accord, Sandalwood accord, Musk which completes this unique cologne.

1. Colonia Intensa OUD + Pack