It’s all in the Detail – Judy Blame for Jo Malone London

The term artist is banded about all to easily in today’s celebrity obsessed society, with everyone from teen pop singers to two bit graphic T-Shirt producers proclaiming themselves as artistic entities.

Too few true artists ever got to see the merit and interest in their work and many ended their days without even knowing what an impression they had made to the cultural significance of society.

Unfortunately today we have few living legends, particularly in the world of Style and Fashion, many have passed away far too young, other succumbed to toxic vices or the harshness of age has deemed their relevance, irrelevant.

One such survivor and genuine stylish living legend, is Judy Blame, a name which may mean very little to you, but that I’m afraid is testament to the trash society we live in today, where a Kardashian turning up at a shop can evoke more media interest than the totality of that days news.

imageLondon based stylist, Artist, accessories designer, artistic consultant etc Judy Blame, began his career in the 1980s as a member of the late, great iconic photographer Ray Petri’s, Buffalo Boys collective. Blame quickly made a name for himself and started to contribute to publications such as i-D and the Face as well as working as an image-consultant for the likes of Neneh Cherry, Björk, Kylie Minogue, Massive Attack and Boy George on some of their most striking personas. Over the years he sort after creativity has seen him collaborate with various design houses including John Galliano while at Christian Dior, where he acted as creative consultant, Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garçons, where Blame designs their range of male accessories, Gareth Pugh, Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton.

imageTo mark the impact of his artistic contribution, later this month sees his first solo exhibition at London’s ICA, where Judy Blame – Never Again runs through to the 4th September.

The Medium Blame is renowned for is the customisation of garments and creating accessories, where he uses buttons and pins in the same way as some utilise Gold and diamonds. His latest collaboration brings his very British quirk to the queen of gift giving Jo Malone and her iconic gift boxes. Inspired by the London tradition of pearly kings and queens, each has its own pearly symbol and spirit. A heart for charity. An anchor for hope. A crown for royalty. And then there’s his post-punk pin. An unexpected keepsake made with typical Judy Blame irreverence.

Judy Blame for Jo Malone London Box are available with the purchase of two or more Jo Malone London products, exclusive to Selfridges and Jo Malone Outlet and



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