The Hedi heights of Fashion – Saint Laurent Duffle Bag

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Hedi Slimane

Even if you have no interest in Style and Fashion and having been living under a very unstylish rock for the last couple of months, you surely must have, one, heard that the Parisian iconic Fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent have changed their name to simply Saint Laurent and two, the aforementioned house has a new Creative Director, in the uber talented and enigmatic designer come sometime photographer, Hedi Slimane, non ?

The appointment of Slimane to Saint Laurent has created a media frenzy, not just in the world of Men’s Fashion, as while he was Creative Director of Menswear at the House of Christian Dior  his female fans included Madonna and Nicole Kidman, even though his collections were primarily Homme. Additional to this, is his love of music and young, up and coming artists. Over the years Hedi has worked with everyone from, Razorlight and Daft Punk to the man of the “moment” David Bowie and during his sabbatical from designing, which saw Slimane return to his first love of photography where he shoot for such publications as French Vogue, V-Man and Purple.

So, like folk waiting outside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with bated breathe,  people in the same way have been looking for glimpses of what he will produce and what pieces will look like. Well, (if only I could sound a fanfare) I can reveal Slimane’s first bag.


Ensuring your Ying and Yang are in balance – Medwinds X Naoto Fukasawa

Noato Fukasawa

Noato Fukasawa

Our more eagled eyed readers will recognise the name Medwinds from last year when we profiled the brand and their envious working ethic and environment of Barcelona, certainly beats South East London, just.  For Spring 2013 the brand presents a complete collection of wardrobe staples designed with the Med lifestyle in mind. The collection aims to take the wearer from the essential pieces of the week to the comfort but versatile needs of the weekend. Medwinds have designed a range with their happiest memories in mind, summers by the beach, walks along the spanish coast and catching up on long hazy evenings with friends.

For Spring 2013 Medwinds has collaborated with the Japanese Designer Naoto Fuksawa, It’s the first dalliance into fashion for the prestigious Japanese designer, known internationally for his consulting work which focuses on evaluating companies corporate strategies and bring them in line with the mean of sociality and how we define quality of life in order to direct them towards where society is inevitably heading. The company’s social responsibilities are always a key point is Fuksawa’s findings and has resulted in many successful conclusions.

For this project Fukasawa worked with Medwinds, designing a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean, called “On the beach”, not to be confused with the Chris Rea song though.

“I walked slowly along the beach of Barcelona. Because it was wintertime there were not so many people out there but the shoreline, the decks that connect the beach to restaurants together with the line of the shops that gradually merge into the city,made me realise that there can be a series of clothes and shoes representing this transition of the culture based on the landscape. “On the Beach” is an idea that translates beach as a place for gathering, relaxing and for recreation”. Naoto Fukaswa 

On the Beach Collection by Noato Fukaswa for Medwinds



Minimalism just got more interesting – Minimum

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 16.09.24Minimum was established by entrepreneur Peder Tang, as a small shop in Denmark’s second city, but ever so trendy area, of Aarhus in 1997. Gaining more and more notoriety the brand soon evolved into a independent clothing brand, launching its first collection back in 1999. Later, in 2007, Minimum added a female line and today it’s an international clothing company. Well established and stocked in stores throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

The general vision behind the brand is that of Scandinavian coolness mixed with a metropolitan vibe which has lent to the brand’s appeal and popularity across all the territories its available in. The brand aims to give their customers high quality products and unique details at an affordable price. Their collections are characterised by an interesting mixture of materials, shapes and colours and should be seen as a contributor to the basic wardrobe, working perfectly with existing favourite pieces, while at the same time providing prominent items for special occasions.

For Spring 2013, Minimum have turned their inspiration to what is without a doubt one of Denmark’s most fascinating, colorful and happy places to be. Christiania, an abandoned military site in the very middle of copenhagen which proclaimed itself as a FREE self-governing utopian society when squatters took it over in 1971.

Ever since the controversial area and it’s 600, so called, “Christianitter”,  which have become a symbol, loved by so many around the world and have established a strong synonym with freedom, love and easygoing bohemian lifestyle.

This Spring 2013 collection brings together the social and design boundaries that have been pushed and blurred, via Christiania and Minimum emulates this ethos.


Minimum Spring 2013 Menswear range

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Raindrops keep falling on my shoes – SWIMS

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SWIMS take on a Loafer

April, famous for its inclement weather and of course those pesky lil showers that so often catch you out, is only days away, plus, almost as a bonus, this year winter’s hanging around like a Pepper Pig sticker stuck to your fridge door, doesn’t seem to be budging ! What we need is some sort of device that allows us not to be restricted to carrying around a pair of Wellington boots with us no matter where we go and in constant fear of ruining a great and beloved pair of formal shoes that cost us a pretty penny !?!

Fear not dear reader, our good friends in the Scandinavian region, yes up there, no further, have come across a solution to ease our poor stressed out minds. SWIMS, originally established in 2005 by Johan Ringdal in Norway. The re-launch of the classic galosh with a modern twist proved to be a big success and is now found in over 25 countries in more than 650 high end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Scoop and Brooks Brothers in the US, Isetan in Japan,Trunk, Harvey Nichols, Orlebar Brown in the UK and Merci, L’Eclaireur and Le Bon Marché in France. The SWIMS collection includes galoshes, jackets, loafers, shoes, umbrellas and bags – all based on classic, nostalgic styles made with modern and unexpected materials, don’t worry, paper isn’t one of them.

The SWIMS loafer is made of water resistant rubber with nylon upper and a molded foot bed offering complete support. Some models have the velvet flocking that gives that extra luxurious finish.


The SWIMS for John Lobb

The SWIMS for John Lobb

The sole is non-marking with a ribbed pattern designed to maximize traction on slippery surfaces and the ventilation gills on the sides ensure great breathability and ultimate comfort. Unlike traditional loafers, water will not damage the SWIMS loafer making them the perfect all round shoe come rain or shine and the SWIMS loafer is machine washable up to 30 C°.

In fact, growing love of this ingenious solution is such, that designer brands as diverse as Giorgio Armani, John Lobb and Agi & Sam have all collaborated with SWIMS in their own very individual manner.

SWIMS for Armani

SWIMS for Armani

The product is best summed up by Mr Ringdal, himself;

“A stylish solution, embodying the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on SWIMS when the weather is rough, slip’em off when you arrive at your destination. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes are guaranteed to stay shiny.”


SWIMS for Agi & Sam AW13 collection

SWIMS for Agi & Sam AW13 collection

Scent of a Man – Kouros Limited Edition

KOUROS EDT TONIQUE 100MLKouros really is an iconic scent from an iconic Fashion House in Yves Saint Laurent. It’s well documented that the sense of smell can invoke a strong presence of emotion in oneself and just smelling Kouros transports you to a different time and conjures up vivid memories.

Kouros translates from ancient Greek to mean Youth and I have to be honest smelling this fragrances transports me back to mine. The fragrance was first launches back in 1981 and  is the most successful male fragrance for the house of Saint Laurent and still today is one of the world most popular fragrance due to its timeless appeal.

A legendary fragrance, the triumphal emblem of a living Greek god whose masculinity is sculptural, solid and powerful. The ever more sensual Kouros idol draws summer’s vital energy from the limited edition Eau de Toilette. Kouros reinvents itself in a bright expression bathed in the light and warmth of Greek shores (yes I do really need a holiday at the moment and like all of us a little bit of sun). KOUROS ENERGIZING EAU DE TOILETTE soars on essences of bergamot and lemon, enlivened by a breath of aldehydes and anise notes, like a summer breeze on sun-warmed skin, ahhhh. This limited edition scent has its sensual core in Egyptian geranium. Incense and Virginia cedar are fused with leather and  Indoesian Patchouli to try and capture a real ode to masculinity, ROAR !