Be the apple of your Father’s eye – Father’s day gift guide

Which images best captures your Father/Son relationship ?

I’m sorry, I forgot there’s no need to sulk, jeez, it’s not the end of the world !

Some day dad I’m gonna be just like you !

Ahhhh someone to look up to

June 17th, yes that date’s marked in your diary but why, why ? %$£& It’s Father’s Day ! So to save you the hassle of running round like a demented lun in and out of every store from here to Timbuktu, has come to your rescue, yet again. Ohh and please don’t leave it til the last minute and have to settle for whatever they’ve got left at the service station, no one wants a day glo travel neck pillow, particularly not your dad !

So here’s all you need to know to keep your ole Pa happy and keep in his good books for a couple of more months.

1) Whether young or young at heart, any Dad is gonna be over the moon with this lil blinder of a gift and if my daughter is reading this, your Daddy would be very happy with a personalised Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren. Take advantage of the Design Your Own service at Selfridges Manchester, Trafford and London, Oxford St from where you can have up to three initials embroidered onto the classic sleeved custom fit polo. With endless combinations, choose the colour of your shirt and monogram to create a truly bespoke gift, presented in a luxury box.

2) Old reliable and always a winner, Alcohol in its many different formats, OK I’m not suggesting a six pack of Kestrel Super Strength, but something a little more on the classy side. How about a descent bottle of whiskey, personally I’m a fan of a touch of the Irish variety, OK that was another personal hint again, sorry. But how about a wee dram of Macallan. The famed luxury single malt whisky from Elgin, has worked with photographic legend Annie Leibovitz and the Elgin native and star of Trainspotting & Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin McKidd on a unique project which will be available in Septemeber, more to follow on that at a later date.

Now if whisky isn’t your Dad’s poison of choice how about a case of Real ale ? God bless them over at Marks & Spencer, because there’s no better way telling your Dad how great he is than a Great British Ale selection. They are offering a mixed case of 20 bottles featuring the very best from across the UK with five bottles of each… Sussex Golden Ale, Cambridgeshire Summer Ale, Norfolk Bitter and Cornish Ale.

3) Now if you’re looking for something a little different from norm how about this Poker set from Thomas Lyte, now I’m not condoning gamble or for your Dad to squander your inheritance but, this set is packaged in a beautiful way and could start a new form of Father son bonding over a traditional Poker nite.

4) Now if sophistication is what your after for Father’s day, look no further then Derek Rose, the Rose family have been designing and making luxury men’s pyjamas since the 1920’s and we remain as passionate about these wonderful pieces today as they were all those years ago. The cut and style used in the pattern to make their pyjamas is a question of balancing form and function – Rose wants the pyjamas to look good but also understands they need them to be as comfortable as possible. Naturally the cut is a generous fit so that when one sleeps in a pair of Derek Rose pyjamas they are not restrictive.

5) Like Alcohol, you really can’t go wrong with After Shave, which actually does contain a fair amount of alcohol come to think if it, but seriously don’t try and drink it, it not good and it’s not clever. Now there are two routes you can take here, first, the traditional, retro, cheeky, ironic and slightly tounge in cheeky, but offering a truly masculine scent and available in gift sets literally everywhere, go for Brut. Then the second, is for a Dad who likes to look his best, look no further than the Lab Series Skincare for Men gift set. This set includes a selection of bestselling, essential products. Multi Action Face Wash, Maximum Shave Comfort Cream and Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15.

6) Now for this option, I always think there’s a golden rule to adhere to, keep it simple and keep it classic and you can’t go wrong, when it comes to cufflinks. Like novelty socks & underwear, the same is with cufflinks, there is NEVER a good time for them or for them to be given as a gift. These chic pair from Hackett are so versatile and would literally go with anything.

7) For the gift that keeps on giving, no not book vouchers, but a wallet, you can’t do much wrong if you go for this great understated number from Burberry available at This piece has a low-key yet luxurious design that is ideal for everyday use. The two note pouches and eight card slots provide ample space for any daily requirements you may need.

8) When it comes to technological gifts for Father’s Day, there’s one gadget that has to be on pretty much every Dad’s wish list and that is of course, the iPad. Now in these tight times, not everyone is as flush as we would like and as much as we’d love to splash out on dear ole Pop, there is a way to wet his appetite and give you some breathing space to save up and to recruit other family members to chip in for a group Christmas iPad. There are some brilliant iPad cases out on the market, in, well, one size but lots of colours. One of my favourite comes from Mulberry, although it ain’t cheap it’s seriously impressive and will make Dad the envy of the office, when he whips it out in a meeting.

9) OK then next up is the matter of wanting to get Dad something that looks like you’ve spent countless hours of thought on a gift without it costing you a small fortune, well I’ve got just what you need. Symthsons of Bond Street has been producing some of the best stationery supply, no not bics & staplers, but beautiful note pads, diaries & address books since 1887. Smythson was granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in 1964. Other warrants followed: HRH The Prince of Wales in 1980, HM The Queen Mother in 1987, and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 2002. While holding the Queen Mother’s Warrant, Smythson was one of only eight companies in the world to hold all four Royal Warrants at the same time. Their note pads have to be seen to be believed, Wine notes, Little black book and Director’s notes all come in equally vibrant colours. For Father’s day I’ve chosen the rather apt, “Daddy Cool” note book.

10) Finally, every Dad, no matter what his age, quite fancies himself and loves to dress himself up, whether that be for a drink down the pub or a swanky dinner in an impressive eating establishment. Now whatever your budget may dictate you can supply him with something, that he can boast is a gift from his offspring, it can be a tie, a shirt, socks, but I would suggest taking a look at the footwear range from one of the most respected stylish retailers, Ted Baker, which has an added bonus of, it won’t break the bank either. Psst, carry on reading for an added bonus, that’ll be to good to refuse, promise !

So, if that hasn’t given you food for though than nothing will, but we at can only help you if you help yourself, don’t leave it to the last minute. Now, if you ignore our words of wisdom and fancy getting your hands on a rather impressive Father’s day gift we have the above to offer you lucky, lucky, lucky chaps. Yes we have 3 pairs of the Ted Baker Abcak boat shoes, for your delectation. All you need to do is click on the Follow button on your screen, input your email address and confirm the email sent to you or Follow @Clothesmakethem on TWITTER between now and 9am (GMT) on Wednesday 13th and you could be making your Dad a very happy chappie with this gift winging its way to you in time for Father’s Day on Sunday. Good Luck fellas !

T-shirt as a canvas

For summer 2012 the British casual wear brand Supremebeing have worked with three contemporary photographers and let them use their new generation Supremebeing Tee as a canvas for their work. The photographers Peter Holm, Andrew Kuykendall Jason Pachos all worked to this season’s themes Faded Future and The Wash.


Peter Holm travelled extensively through Asia, Australia and North America, chronicling his stories along the way using vintage equipment and old-school photographic techniques to create a series of images which capture urban exteriors shot from the hip, produced in LOMO vibrant colours, with burn out techniques reminiscent of 1970’s Polaroids.












Andrew Kuykendall lives in Los Angeles,but hopes to someday live in a trailer in the Desert, OK each to their own. He is inspired by the ability of using the medium of imagery to tell stories, whether that be of his journeys or through his professional work which has appeared in numerous international Fashion magazines. Ohhh and he’s learning to play the accordion.












Jason Pachos studied photography in Cambridge, but now resides in Sao Paulo working for visual ventures and freelance photography. Pachos likes photography to be allured in every aspect of it, the theme, style, trend or aesthetic. He believes, “If it’s good, I’ll like it, It’ll inspire me”.












They’ve just dropped at the Supremebeing website… here

More then a club, a legend, The Haçienda.

There was a time that if you mentioned that you were from Manchester, wherever you were in the World, and I literally mean anywhere, take my word for this, the other person no matter their nationality would smile at you and say, “ahhhh Manchester United, the Haçienda” and maybe, “Coronation Street”. The world renounced Superclub paved the way for the likes of Cream, The Ministry of Sound, plus countless Ibizan club night running to this day and even earned the accolade of, “the most famous club in the World”, by Newsweek Magazine.

It was far more then a nightclub, owned by the late music Svengali, sometime TV Presenter and all round Mancunian legend Anthony (or Tony) H Wilson with the groundbreaking group New Order. Much has been documented about the unique way the Haçienda or Haç, as it was universally known was managed, its gangland violence and drug troubles, its legendary Nights, DJ’s and musical acts including, Beautiful 2000, Flesh, Nude, Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Dave Haslam, The Smiths and someone called Madonna’s first UK performance.

This year marks, what would or should have been, the club’s 30th Anniversary and as part of a series of cultural events to celebrate this, the Haçienda team have worked with the Sports heritage brand Ellesse on a bespoke collection to commemorate three decades of the legendary club.

This anniversary tribute honours the spirit and history of The Haçienda and the style influences which evolved from the iconic club, the collection being themed as “Label, Location, Legacy”.

This unique and limited edition collaboration will be previewed at a launch event  in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols store on Thursday 17th May, four days prior to The Hacienda’s actual anniversary, 21st May 2012. The in-store event will also see a Q&A session with Peter Hook, Graeme Park and other characters from FAC 51’s, the Haçienda individual number, which was given to every project undertaken my Wilson’s Factory Records, plus DJ sets and the first chance to order the highly limited numbers of the commemorative Haçienda shirts.

A point of interest for all you memorabilia geeks, sorry I mean collectors is, the metal buttons on this limited capsule collection sourced from the legendary venue itself, offering each purchase a true piece of Haçienda history. With three designs, coming individually numbered in runs of only 51 shirts, each signed by The Haçienda’s Peter Hook. Each shirt in the collection is individually named and comes with bespoke design elements and packaging, which ensures these pieces are sure to become much sought after collectors items for the many Haçienda and Factory devotees.

Alongside the limited edition product launch, there is set to be a trio of Manchester events(X1, X2 & X3, get it), details of which can be found at and also at

The anniversary will also see an exhibition at Manchester Photographic Gallery running throughout May, which will feature a specially constructed model of The Haçienda and a whole host of unseen Haçienda material and original photography from the archives. 

Richard James – All done, in the best possible taste – Textual Conversations

Richard James, celebrates 20 years, this year, as a resident of Savile Row. The ever sartorially Nick Sullivan, now of US Esquire, wrote in 1992 for it’s British counterpart, of James. “There’s a new boy in the Row and he’s causing quite a stir. What’s more, he’s not a tailor. Richard James is too busy to worry about his neighbours”.

Ever since then Richard James has been both too busy and causing quite a stir in equal measures on what has to be the most famous of streets on the face of the Earth, when it come to matters of the cloth, scissors and chalk. He first caused raised eyebrows for, bless yourself, introducing Saturday Opening on Savile Row !!! But maybe a few more browed were raised when his Ad campaign back in 1996 featuring a man dressed impeccably in one of his suits is seen throwing himself off a building, resulting in it being banned, OK moving on.

The philosophy of this man is to produce classic clothing of unsurpassable quality, but to push the boundaries through design, colour and cut, which has resulted in Richard winning many awards from the British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year & GQ’s Man of the Year.

Over the years he’s dressed everyone from Tom Cruise, Mr James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, both Liam & Noel Gallagher for their wedding days, Robert De Niro, David Beckham and even SpongeBob Square Pants, kinda.

Even the old school of Savile Row have softened to the charms of Richard as he was made one of the founding members of the Savile Row Bespoke Association, which is formed by the Row’s tailors to promote and protect the traditions of bespoke tailoring on Savile Row.

Recently, as the more regular readers of will know, he has worked with that bastion of British retailing on an inspired by Savile Row suit range for Marks & Spencer. But amongst all of this he managed to answer a couple of questions for our good selves, enjoy.

If you could have invented anything what would it be?

The suit. A perfect piece of design, the detail of which affords endless opportunities to express individuality. 


If you had one day to live what would be your biggest regret?

That I haven’t traveled more. It’s such an inspiration and there are too many countries that I haven’t seen. Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador…


What would be the one piece of clothing you would rescue from your home in the event of a fire?

A floral Mr Fish shirt from the late sixties. The shop was on Clifford Street, just a couple of doors away from where Richard James Bespoke is now.


Who is your style icon?

Tommy Nutter. He made Savile Row so exciting in the 70s.

The tailoring icon Tommy Nutter

If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life who would it be? 

It would have to be Richard James. I get a discount!


Tell us something no one else knows? 

If you make suits, you can only call yourself a tailor if you work for yourself. If you’re employed by someone else you’re a cutter.


What piece of style advice do you live by? 

Dress for yourself, not for other people.


Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and regretted it? 

Stunning vintage Cazal sunglasses. Too bling for me. But I still put them on from time to time and try to convince myself that they’re not.


What do you have to do after this conversation? 

Have a cup of strong coffee and work on the very exciting show we’re doing for London Collections: Men in June.


What would you like to be doing after this conversation? 

Exactly what I am doing. I love my work.


Who would be your ideal dinner party guests ? 

Tommy Nutter, The Queen Mother, Lady Gaga, Les Dawson and Greta Garbo. That would be interesting.

Images from the Spring/Summer 2012 Richard James Collection


So good they named it twice, the city not the Empire State Building.

For the second of our essential city guides, Home & Away, what other city could you choose, Norwich, Preston, Inverness. No, the city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of etc etc the city that has been the inspiration for a million and one songs & films. New York !

Top 5 Things to do

5) Do the open top Bus Tour you get to see so much in just a relatively short space of time.

4) Take a stroll round NOHO (North over Houston) and SOHO (South over Houston) and work your way down to Century 21 (, even if you hate shopping, you will find yourself buying something and the prices have to be seen to be believed.

3) Wear trainers, sorry sneakers and walk, you’ll recognise so much from years of watching Films and TV Series.

2) Visit the Moma (Museum of Modern Art – on a Friday evening as it’s free or the Metropolitan Museum (, free entry but a donation is HIGHLY recommended. Great to partake in a lil drinky on the roof over looking Central Park in the Summer.

1) While over at Central Park, hire a bike and take a ride round the park. Must see stops are the Roller blade disco. After laughing and dancing from the side lines, go and grab a drink, I recommend a Dirty Martini from the Boat House.

Eat – The Fat Radish (

Sleep – The Standard(

Drink – Freeman’s Alley(

Ask a Local – Ben Kay

“Take a walk over the Bridges, think BMW, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsberg. Brooklyn Bridge being my Fav”.