The Ultimate Texturizing Styling Product – Aveda’s New Texture Tonic

There are certain words all men would like to be used when being described, rugged, good looking, athletic, manly and equally when it comes to our crowning glory we hope our mane of hair conjures up phrase including raw, effortless, disheveled. Well we just might have a product which will help you in achieving this all important look.

The new Aveda Texture Tonic combines a unique of ingredients which just happen to be 94% naturally derived. The magic ingredients in this new potion are Magnesium Sulfate, which you may be more familiar as Epsom Salt, which is known for their heeling properties and in this carnation provides that all important raw grip. Then we have Cane Sugar that hydrates and softens to achieve effortlessly uncomplicated looking texture without the crunchy dried out feeling.

The Global Director of Product Development, Sarah Willms, explains,

Magnesium sulfate plus the pH of the formula work on the hair strand by helping to contract and compress it, imparting definition instantly, while sugar acts as a natural humectant. The end result is hair that has that desired piecey Texture with a great flexible hold”.

And while we’re getting some expert advice Michael London, none other than the Advanced Master Creative Director of the brand, let’s us in on his how best to use the tonic.

For shorter groomed styles apply to dry hair and spritz all over ensuring all areas are covered.  Allow the product to settle before rippling and scrunching fingers through the ends to deliver an effortless raw grit. 

Layer Aveda Texture Tonic at the roots over a base of Thickening Tonic to add depth and thickness. Then manipulate the ends between your fingers and twist the hair slightly at either side of the crown, pushing it in an upwards direction, before passing hands though the quiff as much as desired for a natural lift. This will add instant, natural looking Texture with a malleable hold”. 


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