It’ll put the Fear of God in ya – Fear of God

Words by Isaac Perry

This God fearing brand was founded in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo(see below), Fear of God is still relatively new to the streetwear industry, though its becoming incredibly popular through its new and unique take on style and a fan base including Kanye, Just in Bieber and David Beckham. Largely influenced by Lorenzo’s Catholic faith, he soon realised religion was frequently seen within fashion, “I started at a time when there was a lot of religious symbolism within fashion, much of it very dark.

But Lorenzo wanted to offer a foundation of truth, rather than just for the ‘image’ or ‘look’ of an item, focusing less on the collection and more on the story told within the clothing.

In previous seasons the brand has been known for its oversized fittings and basic colours, But no more Fear of God has now has its own look named after it, with the oversized look often called ‘the fear of God look’, which now can be frequently found in high street our stores, paying homage to the Los Angeles based brand, just showing how much the Lorenzo’s look has quickly influenced the wider fashion industry.

This season the brand’s classic 90’s grunge style influence has shifted (sorry fear of God fans). At the beginning of Jerry’s original career plan, following in his fathers footsteps as a sporting agent, this was quickly dashed and a new direction in throwing parties for a clientele in hip hop fraternity introduced him to a fashion world not seen before, which gave birth to his love for fashion.

The new collection consisting of a slimmer fitting items, something which we never thought we would see from fear of God, all influenced from his time within the sporting industry.

The future of The brand is interesting and seeing where future influences come from is something which we look forward to, alongside the brand continuing to flourish in years to come.


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