Dr. Martens reveals the best ways to wear in your new boots

Image: Dr Martens

Anyone who’s ever donned a pair of Dr. Martenswill know that they can take a few wears to break in. From TikTok to mumsnet, everyone has weighed in on the best ways to do so. But there’s no need to stock up on sanitary pads or make room in the freezer for your new shoes.

Experts from the brand itself have tried and tested all the weird and wonderful suggestions to create a definitive list of Boot Doctor-certified tips. If you’re lucky enough to have received a new pair of winter boots this season, you might want to read on.

  1. Double up on socks

The thicker the better. Whilst you’re breaking in your new shoes or boots, you may find that the leather is tough to begin with. They will soften with wear, but this takes time and you’ll want to protect your feet during the process.

Dr. Martens have developed their own Double Docs Socks designed to give extra protection for when you take your first stomps – preventing rubbing in key friction points, like the heel, ankle and arch. No plasters needed here!

Image: Dr Martens


  1. Don’t take them on any long walks just yet

Whilst it may be tempting to show off your new boots straight away, it’s not advised to wear them on long outings for the first wear.

Some brave souls jump straight into their new DM’s and don’t unlace until the new leather is moulded to their feet. But that’s not recommended for everyone. Ease yourself in by wearing them around the house at first, then for short periods outside to gradually break in the leather.

  1. Keep your boots filled

When you’re not wearing your Docs, you can keep working on stretching out the uppers by filling them with something in place of your feet. Whilst TikTokkers have used lots of wild objects to fill their shoes, best recommended is a can or some newspaper. Try it overnight for best results.

  1. Leather needs some love

Give your feet a rest by massaging your footwear with your hands. It might sound silly, but leather softens as a result of heat and friction – so giving your boots a quick rub can actually make a big difference.

The best way to soften hard leather is by conditioning it, so DM’s have even created a specially formulated wonder balsam that can come in handy when you’re looking to tame a new pair – formulated to nourish, condition and soften Dr. Martens leathers.

Image: Dr Martens

  1. Heel grips work wonders

The top of the heel is often the spot that gives people the most trouble. So, Dr. Martens easy-to-insert heel pads tackle the issue head-on – giving the back of your feet a bit of breathing room while the rest of the boot softens up


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