SPF isn’t just for the Summer

Whether you’re jetting off for some winter skiing in the Alps, heading to the canary islands for winter sunshine or staying at home, your skin needs SPF. Don’t forget to apply every day for younger, healthier looking skin.

Why should you apply sunscreen to your face everyday? 

• To protect your skin against UV Rays. Sunscreen blocks these rays, greatly reducing the likelihood of sunburn. 

• To lower your chance of skin cancer. By applying sunscreen daily, you reduce your risk of skin cancers by half.

• To slow down ageing. Sun damage from UV rays causes photoaging of the skin which causes your skin to ‘age’. 

• To maintain an even skin tone. SPF helps to protect against discolouration and dark spots from sun damage.

What sunscreen should you be using?

Natura Sport – also demonstrating progressive application this acts as an insect repellent as well as SPF. Prevents free radical damage to the skin and packs a punch of hydration. Perfect for warmer climates. 

Terra Sport – with this you get equal UVA/UVB protection making it ideal for outdoor activities in busy cities. Protecting against oxidative stress caused from smog and pollution. Perfect for winter trips and city life.


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