Don’t let the girls keep this secret to themselves – Unsubscribe Dry Shampoo

It’s a universally held belief that dry shampoo and other hair care products of that nature are meant for women. But who said that men don’t want to extend the time between washes too? Unsubscribe: a hair care brand that is revolutionizing how often people need to wash their hair, is kicking that stigma to the curb. Their No-Rinse Hair Wash, is a 99% clean, dry shampoo alternative that easily refreshes sweaty hair from any activity. 

Whether you’re a bro who’s constantly on the go, a fitness fanatic who is overwashing, or a camping enthusiast with no running water, Unsubscribe is the perfect product for any and all active lifestyles. With signature enzymes that neutralize bacteria and odor, amino acids to strengthen hair, and green tea and chamomile extract to soothe the scalp, No-Rinse Hair Wash will quickly become a fan favorite in any guy’s dopp kit.

Unsubscribe easily works with anyone’s locks, regardless of hair type. Founded by two women with opposite textures (curly vs. straight), they made sure that their products would easily flex between any and all hair types!

Hair type guide to using Unsubscribe:

Straight: apply 1-2 pumps underneath, to sides
Curly: apply 2-4 pumps underneath, to sides, on top
Coily: apply 4-6 pumps underneath, to sides, on top


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