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We’re heading into autumn and it’s not quite as warm as we would like it to be. It’s always handy to have an extra layer around for when the sun goes in. Recent figures shows that searches for men’s sweatshirts have increased by 18.72% in the last month compared to the same period last year. Castore sportswear could have exactly what you’re looking for with a great selection of super soft and comfy tracksuits and sweatshirts perfect for training or relaxing! 

Castore’s Technical Lifestyle range takes elements of their performance wear and applies to everyday clothing. Every piece is crafted with comfort in mind and are both lightweight and breathable perfect for the warmer months. Made in Castore’s signature colour palette of black, white, grey and navy any item would fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

With its slogan “Better Never Stops”, Castore was founded by sporting brothers Tom and Phil Beahon in 2015. Tom, 30, played football for Tranmere Rovers and Jerez in Spain and Phil, 27, played semi-professional cricket. 

The brand’s mission is to build the lightest, most durable, highest performing sportswear in the market and to achieve this they test products the hard way. All garments have been tested by elite athletes to ensure they excel at the highest level, worn for 100 consecutive days before being approved for full production.

They hold partnerships with Sir Andy Murray, McLaren, the West Indies team, and most recently, Rangers Football Club, is launching its Technical Lifestyle range. 


This sweatshirt is stylish and simple. It is made using ultra-soft fleece which is unique and has a caron finish for a luxurious feel and touch. It is a relaxed fit so can be thrown over t-shirts as it begins to get cooler, perfect for everyday wear!  


This hoodie is perfect for throwing on for journeys to and from the gym but can also be paired with jeans for a night with your mates. It’s made from super soft fleece and has a relaxed fit as well as adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe.  


These sweatpants are perfect as the evenings get a bit cooler. You can throw them on after showering or getting in from the office, relaxation begins now! They have a relaxed fit and are super soft.  


This hoodie is made from a cotton blend that is soft, lightweight and breathable. It’s perfect for chilly morning starts or using for workout warmups. It is warm and offers insulation when you need it as well as easy to layer and relax in. 


This ¼ zip is perfect for your workouts as a light pre-and-post training layer. It is lightweight and super stretchy as well as quick-drying and comfortable. It’s great for warming up or cooling down or even wearing with jeans to the pub.  


This running jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially as we head in autumn. It has mesh side and back vents for increased airflow as well as being made from lightweight fabric. It is water-resistant and has an adjustable hood to keep you dry.  


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