The Blue Line of Friendship – Linea Azzurro

Founded by two lifelong friends and retail entrepreneurs Nigel Gee and Russell Goodkind, Linea Azzurro, the London based knitwear brand specialises in Italian knitwear and accessories for both men and women. It combines the founders’ passion for design and substantial knowledge of the industry to create a timeless collection of knitwear pieces.

All pieces in the brand’s growing collection are soft, luxurious and durable. The brand’s rigorous commitment to quality means that they source premium yarns to ensure they achieve very high standards of craftsmanship in the manufacturing of their garments. Linea Azzurro pieces are the perfect building blocks for any capsule wardrobe.

The name Linea Azzurro, which translates as ‘blue line’ represents success, continuity and optimism. The designers first garment was created from a single sketch: a blue sweater with horizontal lines on the arms, this is how the brand was born. Founders Russell & Nigel had also spotted a gulf between expensive Italian cashmere and cheaper high street versions; Linea Azzurro was created with the intention of bridging this gap by offering an affordable Italian cashmere range of extreme quality.

Understanding the importance of transparency and traceability within their supply chain is integral to the brand’s ethos; their cashmere is sourced from Mongolia where the cashmere goats live freely in their natural habitat. The raw materials are then collected by herders and brought to a dehairing mill before being shipped to their artisan factory in Italy, with all yarns being meticulously quality tested at every stage of the process.

The brand’s ready-to-wear collection consists of 100% cashmere V-neck, crew neck and scoop neck jumpers. Linea Azzurro is also excited to be expanding its product offering to incorporate other yarns, which have been introduced as part of the SS21 collection.


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