Your essential Top 10 Shaving tips from Paul Thompson of Wilde & Harte

It may have been a few weeks, or even months since your last proper wet shave. However, it is only a matter of time before we start to socially engage outdoors once more and of course, you’ll need to look your best! We caught up with Paul Thompson, founder of, Luxury British shaving brand Wilde & Harte to give us his top tips:

In preparation for your next shave, we recommend investing a few pounds in a good pre-shave oil. Such products are designed to hydrate your skin and soften the beard, thus reducing ‘tug and pull’ which irritates your skin when shaving again after a period of time.

Ensure you have brand new razor blades (either cartridge blades, or double edge blades depending on your razor preference), a tube of quality shaving cream (avoiding shaving foams and gels) and a pot of post-shave balm or lotion as your skin will be in need of some attention after your shave.

Once equipped with the above, let’s get you looking handsome again:

1. Apply pre-shave oil and lather up your shaving cream (preferably with a shaving brush), then apply lather to your face

3. Rinse your razor head under warm water to get warmth into the razor blade(s)

4. Gently perform your shave in short straight strokes and wash off remaining lather

5. Reapply more shaving lather and repeat step 4 againĀ 

6. Splash your face with cool water to refresh

7. Dry your face with a warm, clean towel

8. Massage your post-shave balm or lotion in circular motions into your face and neck to hydrate your skin

Finally, add a splash of your favourite aftershave and you’re good to go!


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