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Globe has just announced: “Low Velocity” – a major change in the brand’s approach and commitment to creating sustainable goods for modern explorers. The Low Velocity program is motivated by a desire to address the increasingly excessive production and waste of apparel in the boardsports market. This complete switch up in Globe’s apparel range has seen them value environmental priorities, quality and longevity ahead of fast fashion sales.

Globe’s Low Velocity apparel represents a commitment to long term change for the brand with a complete and timeless range now focused on premium, evergreen, staple products designed to last much longer.

United by over three decades of boardsports, street culture, design and film, GLOBE​ r​epresents

an​ ​international network of riders​ a​ nd​ d​ esigners. Emerging out of the Melbourne underground skate scene of the 1970s, Australian brothers Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill started a skateboard distribution business that set off​ ​a new movement in Australia and eventually led to the launch of the GLOBE brand in 1994. GLOBE is premium boardsports footwear, apparel and skateboards.

The premium, non-seasonal Low Velocity range uses sustainable materials including Organic Cotton, Recycled and Cocotex Coconut Polyester, PFOA-Free Durable Water Repellent, YKK Natulon Recycled Tapings and PVC and Phthalate Free Inks. Rigorous testing clothing for fit, function and durability is also carried out to ensure the product lasts. Due to its non-seasonal, staple product composition, the range is lower velocity at every level of its life cycle; fewer raw materials, less global sampling, less shipping, less excess stock for retailers, less discounting and less landfill.

Peter Hill, Globe Co-Founder, summed up the mission best;

“The clutter in the boardsports market and distancing from the real lifestyle and values of core riders was troubling. As founders, we looked at ourselves and thought what role, purpose and reason for being did Globe clothing have? We wanted to realign our entire methodology to represent the way our riders and customers lived and thought. We wanted to tip the whole approach on its head and make stuff we knew had purpose, authenticity, longevity and, most importantly, significantly reduce our waste”.


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