Top Tips to Care for Your Skin Not Just Your Muscles

From taking your partner on a date to visiting the gym for a workout, it’s likely you don’t want to leave the house without looking – and feeling – your best. Did you know that your skin is just as important to care for as your muscles? Especially if you choose to shave instead of growing a beard or are regularly outside. Read on to discover top men’s grooming and skin care tips including using the right products such as hand cream and sunscreen.

Top 5 best practices for men’s grooming and skin care

Just as you know to stretch before exercise to protect your muscles, it is just as important to have a good skin care routine to protect your skin. Here are 5 best practices you can utilise to bolster your skin care.

1. Get the right products for your skin type – especially if it’s prone to becoming dry. This includes washing with body cleansers instead of soap bars for dry skin or using powder to protect areas such as the groin and inner thighs from sweat. You know your body better than anyone, so pick out the product which most closely suits your skin type… most products will tell you on the packaging.

2. Don’t forget to moisturise. This doesn’t mean you need to use a body lotion to lather up from head to toe. However, a good quality hand cream and focusing on problem areas such as elbows, knees and lower legs can help to protect your skin from becoming dry, damaged and sore. If you’re looking for moisturising skincare and hand cream solutions, you can find more information here.

3. Cover up with sunscreen. Whether you work in construction or love to hike the great outdoors, sunscreen is your best protection against UV from the sun. The UV rays can not only lead to cancer but also be the cause of wrinkles. For extra protection, if you need to be outdoors for long periods of time, wear clothes than cover your skin.

4. Always use a good quality deodorant. Men sweat more than most, and with sweat – more often than not – comes odour. If you have trouble with odour, try switching up your deodorant, or even change when you put it on. Using deodorant at night may seem counterproductive as you’re at your least active when you sleep. However, it allows the product to diffuse into the sweat glands and protect you when you need it the most – during the day. For help choosing the right products to give your armpits a little TLC, check out our article on what makes a good deodorant.

5. Always protect your skin when shaving… and if you choose not to. Investing in good quality products will help to protect your skin before, during and after shaving – or if you choose to grow your beard instead. Top tips include:

Use a skin protecting lubricant. The best protection from razor burn is preventing it in the first place. Using a lubricant will help you achieve a smoother shave.

Don’t rush. Trying to get out the door to work and rushing your shave is a sure fire way to end up with sore skin irritation. Use a new razor, and a thin layer of shaving gel to provide an easier, quicker shave without rushing.

Exfoliate if you have a beard. This will help to prevent the build-up of dandruff and in-grown hairs as well as protecting your skin. You should also remember to brush and trim your beard regularly to keep it in the best condition.

Picking out the right products to protect your skin is important, and now – with just a handful of top tips – you can be sure to look and feel great every single day.


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