Men’s style has evolved through the decades, but the suit remains a marker of sophistication, stature and style. Luxury menswear brand, Aristocracy London, specialises in offering a bespoke experience and luxury suits without the tailor-made price tag. The brand has published a roundup of the ultimate suit-wearing style icons. Featuring stars of stage, screen, sport and even literature – the list showcases the most stylish suit wearers and includes advice from the experts at Aristocracy London on how to recreate the iconic looks.

Bond, James Bond

Arguably the most iconic suit wearer of all time, Bond’s style has changed over the years and throughout his ma reincarnations. Whether you’re a Connery or Craig fan – it’s hard to deny, Bond has style. From the original dinner suits to the slightly more relaxed, rugged style introduced by later Bonds, the sleek, iconic silhouette of James Bond has been interpreted and copied the world over.

Jay Gatsby

Although a firm cult literary character for decades, it was arguably the recent Baz Lehrman remake of F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, that propelled Leonardo Di Caprio’s Jay Gatsby into style icon status. Twenties-inspired fashion rose in popularity shortly after the release of Lehrman’s remake, propelling Jay Gatsby and his glamourous wardrobe into style stardom.

 Mr Darcy

Perhaps not the first name to come to mind, but Mr Darcy is arguably an icon in his own right. Rocketed to icon-status thanks to Colin Firth’s portrayal of the character, Mr Darcy and his original dandy-inspired suits can be seen in the wardrobes of royalty and high society. This decorated formal wear is perfect for bold fashion lovers as the luxe fabrics, rich  colours and cuts will draw attention.


Don Draper

He may be a fictional character, but Don Draper brings the swinging sixties to life with his endless supply of slimline American-style suits. A menswear icon, Draper has inspired countless fashion collections since the launch of Mad Men. Popular with gents wanting a vintage but polished suit vibe, the tailored suit is a staple.


David Beckham

 Gone are the days of the sarong or leather tuxedos, nowadays we’re more likely to see Beckham walking a red carpet or on the FROW of a catwalk then on the football pitch. Probably the biggest transformation on our list, David Beckham’s stylist deserves a medal. The sports icon is partial to a velvet dinner suit and was even spotted in a morning suit during his visits to Royal weddings. Perhaps more of a staple is the three-piece suit. Seemingly a go to for most occasions the star attends – greys and navy blues only add to his slick style credentials.


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