Made in Britain – Gordon Bennett, championing British Craftsmanship

With Brexit’s transition period nearing an end, could this be the time to breathe life back into British manufacturing?  Well, something good has to come of this mess surely ?

Sir Gordon Bennett is a British start-up that believes it is. Their mission is to procure unique British gifts which demonstrate the skill of British craftsmanship and British manufacturing. The platform was created to celebrate British brands and British products and its founders are firm believers in supporting the innate craftsmanship across Britain, both for the economy and the environment.

SGB believes that too much of the quality from bygone ages is lost in our culture of throw away and immediacy, so they chose to stoke the flame of tradition and excellence by bringing to life a place where craftsmanship and skill can be appreciated by all. 

The brand prides itself on delivering a plethora of British brands that define craftsmanship. It is the purveyor of British made gifts. Proud to showcase quality products from artisans, crafters and manufacturers from the four corners of Britain. They are a newly curated online store that believes in four cascading pillars. Whether the British brands are 200 years old with a Royal Warrant or 2 years old with a right royal future, they all hail from the four corners of this green and pleasant land.

From the finest accessories, bags and clothing, to home decor, gardening products, leather goods and artisan skincare. These British brands celebrate the unique, specialised nature of bespoke handcrafted gifts for him, gifts for her or gifts for any occasion for that matter. 

And, well, it wouldn’t really be British without a few items that you might not expect, from Corgi socks, Fox Umbrellas, Dents gloves to Original Satchels.


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