Luxury menswear can be an intimidating world for first-time suit buyers or men looking to smarten up their wardrobes. Buying the perfect fit can prove tricky without any prior- knowledge. 

Aristocracy London, a Belgravia based suit brand offers a luxury retail experience from their online boutique and appointment-only showroom, boasting elements of a tailor-made service without the hefty price tag. Customers are guided through the purchasing process by in-house stylists before choosing from a range of expertly-crafted suits, each in a limited edition run, with certain collections featuring monogrammed inside pockets – for that bespoke effect.

So, before you buy your first or next suit, be sure to read on as Aristocracy London founder Laz Tyrekidis, has highlighted the top mistakes made by men when it comes to suits and offers guidance on how to achieve a smart, stylish aesthetic.

1. Your fit is way off –too big or too small

An ill-fitting suit looks cheap, no matter how much you paid for it. A well-fitting suit should follow the natural curves of your frame, with no wrinkling or excess fabric, and allow for reasonable movement. Choose a style and fit that will flatter your body rather than one which will highlight problem areas or make you look bigger/shorter depending on your frame.

2. Your cuffs aren’t visible

This is another giveaway sign that separates the expert from the novice. When you are standing with your arms relaxed by your side, about ½ inch of your shirt’s cuffs should remain exposed. Many men think if their cuffs are on show their blazers are too short, this is a common misconception!

3. You’ve forgotten to unstitch

Most brands, including Aristocracy London, will stitch up pockets, vents and  labels on to blazer sleeves. Another common mistake lots of men make is to not unstitch these once they take their suit home. Ensure everything is unstitched before wearing your suit.

4. You button every blazer button

The bottom button of your jacket and waistcoat should always be left undone and you should unbutton your jacket completely when you sit down. This will ensure your suit always flatters your shape and maintains a smart, sharp aesthetic.

5. You match your pocket square to your tie

Your pocket square and tie don’t need to match, either in colour or pattern. In fact, a true fashion connoisseur will match his pocket square to secondary colours from his outfit palette.

6. Your jacket shoulders don’t sit on your actual shoulders

The seam of your jacket’s shoulder should be at the end of your shoulder, exactly where it meets the arm. Any bulges or wrinkles in this area draw attention to the suit’s bad fit and make you look like you borrowed the jacket from someone with a different body type.

7. Baggy Trousers

Despite the popularity of Madness’ iconic song, this trend should be left firmly in the 80s. When choosing your trousers, ensure the length isn’t too long. If your trouser leg is too long the excess material will pool around your lower leg and create a messy, wide silhouette not to mention an old-school 80s power suit vibe – and no one wants that!

Top tip from Founder of Aristocracy London, Laz Tyrekidis, to ensure you choose the perfect fit suit:When trying on a new suit, make sure you stand upright, in a relaxed posture. You need to know the fit of your suit, e.g. all Aristocracy London 3-piece suits come with a tailored slim fit, which means they are snugger than a classic cut but not as tight as a slim one. Picking the correct fit for your body shape is crucial for achieving a polished, bespoke look.


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