5 Minimalistic Must-Have Accessories for Men

Words by Peter Minkoff

No matter what sex you are; an outfit is never complete without accessories. Even though plenty of people associate accessories with female fashion first, there are so many great ones that can complete a male look as well. Lack of accessories can also make an otherwise exciting outfit look dull. So, when you think about male accessories, what are the ones that come to your mind? Apart from a good watch, necklaces and rings (all of which are huge in 2020), what other accessories can a fashionable guy rock? Take a look at some of the best minimalistic accessories that any guy can rock, regardless of his style or age:

Don’t fear the sun

First and foremost, a good watch cannot go without a good pair of sunglasses, especially during summertime. Sunglasses can boost your confidence, make you look stylish, protect your eyes. They are also very convenient as they can also hide your dark circles after a short night’s sleep. As far as the style is concerned, it’s very flattering and it doesn’t really change a lot over time, meaning that you can take some ‘80s glasses and still rock them with your head high. You can find good ones from either way of the pricing spectrum – either very affordable or very exclusive ones, but choose good quality because you should never toy with your eyes.

Know where you put your money

A gentleman’s not a gentleman if he carries his money around in his pockets. We’re not University students anymore. If you really want to play the gentleman card and be seen and regarded as a professional, you should invest in a good wallet. Times change, and paying for stuff has become so ridiculously easy (paying by swiping your hand and your smartwatch anyone?), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t own a high-quality wallet. A leather wallet might be the best possible option as it looks nice and it gives out the sense of luxury that everyone loves. If you want to strengthen this game, you can always choose to emboss it with initials or letters.

But where your cards at?

Speaking of looking like a gentleman, there’s an accessory that only true gents have around. What if you go on a lunch and you get a business card that can result in an amazing business opportunity? Where will you put your credit cards in case you have no cash and there’s no need to take your wallet with you? Opting for a high-quality men’s card holder is definitely a sound choice – this accessory might not be essential, but it screams “style and confidence”. You can also put it in your pocket, which means it’s super handy.

Take care of your hands

Did you know that hands are amongst the top 10 hottest body parts? Apart from that, there really is something in hands that can make you a true gentleman. Moving them in a nice way, paying attention to how soft they are, working on your handshake – hands matter. That’s why a pair of leather glovesshould be one of the must-have items for everyone who wants to come off as a successful, confident guy who knows what matters and how to pay attention to nice things. This is a very elegant option that does not only look good, but it’s super helpful during winter time as well.

Taking notes with style

As the last accessory that is a must-have, especially if you’re a business person or someone who takes notes very often, is a good leather notepad case. Being extremely elegant and looking luxurious, this is the piece of accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd as it will emphasize your style and the importance that you put in your work. You can choose from many different colors, so go with the one that best matches your personality (even though brown leather might be the best option). Even if you keep it in the office, it will give that special look to your desk.

Minimalistic, yet handy and essential. Make sure to know how to wear each one of these – the matching will be easy as they are very minimalistic, but it’s your attitude that’s going to wear them!


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