Every great man needs a great wallet – Troubadour

img_8013One question I seem to be asked so often is, “Where can I get a great Wallet, which isn’t gonna cost the Earth?” In fact, only in the last few weeks 3 good friends have asked that very same question, two of which when I asked them what they currently had ? Revealed a tatty, shabby looking example, only to be told that I had bought them it for Christmas, many moons ago!

A brand that answers this stylish conundrum spot on is Troubadour, they use all-natural vegetable-tanned Italian leather for all its leather goods so that every piece looks better with age. After making a reputation for themselves in the luggage side of the industry they, following lots of requests, have decided to venture into the small leather goods, accessories market.

img_8010Launched after a long search for the perfect weekend bag that would see you seamlessly for any occasion from a business trip to weekend away with friends. Not beginning able to satisfy they needs, Samuel and Abel, the guys behind the brand, thought they would do it themselves.

So once again working on their brand ethos of offering smart Designs For Everyday Essentials. Troubadour’s philosophy of clean design, rooted in function and performance, have acted as an inspiration for a collection of belts and small leather goods that combines practicality and style. Clever technical construction produces streamlined silhouettes. Ingenious leather folding ensures slim yet capacious wallets.



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