The Life of Riley, hopefully – Riley Studio

At the moment we are hearing a lot about, sustainability and ethical consumerism. Brand talking about how sustainable they are and in the circular economy. Which is great and hopefully they all do follow through on their ambitious claims. One brand who are putting their Green money where their mouth is, is Riley Studio.

Riley Studio is a contemporary fashion brand creating gender neutral wardrobe staples that are kind on the planet.  By creating through eco-innovation, they are on a mission to move the industry towards a circular future with products that are durable, genderless, versatile, seasonless and most importantly sustainable.

In line with their mission of creating products for life, Riley Studio has launched a Lifetime Guarantee for all their products; at the end of a products lifespan, Riley Studio has committed to taking back and repurposing the product back into the system, supporting closed loop technologies and a circular economy.

Advancing their aim of reducing textile waste within the fashion industry and tackling the critical issues of overproduction and overconsumption, their latest gender-neutral and eco-innovative collection is designed for life, not just a season.  Available to buy online and launching exclusively in Selfridges, the fourth collection will drop eight new sophisticated styles, elevating their existing range with timeless designs. Launching their first shirts, jackets and shorts, the new Collection 04 remains in keeping with Riley Studio’s minimalist style, with the focus on celebrating the individual, and encouraging a sharing economy between partners, friends and family.
Collection 4 takes inspiration from the Mediterranean summer sun, with new hues including Ochre and Orange alongside the more subdued Navys and Greys to keep the collection timeless and wearable.   Unable to do a proper photoshoot, Riley Studio took inspiration from Vogue Italia and engaged a fashion illustrator, Jessica Bird, to bring their mood boards too life. These illustrations will play a key part in their marketing collateral and allowed Riley Studio to put the money saved towards the Emergency Design Network to buy materials for scrubs. Committed to reducing their carbon footprint and bringing production back to the UK, Riley Studio is working with a new manufacturer for all their wovens, Tower Garments, based in London who have played a key role in the production of PPE.

Continuing their mission to work towards a circular economy, and utilising closed loop technologies, their ethos of ‘We Create From Waste’ remains at the core of their collection. Each style is specially crafted from pre and post-consumer waste materials, reducing their impact on the environment, and rediverting waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Every element of the collection has been sourced sustainably, with recycled YKK zips, organic elastic, and milk casein buttons crafted from milk protein.Collection 04 sees a new partnership with Olmetex, a luxurious organic cotton mill based in Como Italy known as a leader in the industry producing innovative technical fabrics. The collection also includes pieces from eco-innovative leaders, Recover® Yarn and recot²®to continue their positive impact. To date, through their use of recot ® alone (recycled & organic cotton) they have saved over 1,315,000 litres of water.

Riley Studio is leading the way in radical transparency in the industry, recently launching a ‘Traceability’ section on every product; naming each supplier in the supply chain.


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