Daily Workouts During These Times That We Find Ourselves In

Words by Joseph Bryson


The COVID-19 pandemic that’s rampaging is no more news. In a bid to combat the spread of the deadly virus, lockdowns have been put in place in different regions around the world. This has restricted people’s access to social gatherings such as stadiums, cinemas, clubs, and even gyms.

Yes, gyms are closed in some states or countries depending on the severity of the outbreak. The virus may be unable to survive on highly sanitized surfaces, but there’s still a high risk.

In the gym, people share locker rooms, equipment, and towels. This is why fitness enthusiasts have to adapt to new living conditions and still stay fit.

Obeying the social isolation and social distancing rules should not be the worst thing ever for you. You’ll be spending all your time at home and you should make out some time to keep in shape.

Definitely, it may be impossible to reach the level of intensity you achieve at the gym. But constant home workout will guarantee physical fitness.

Sticking to simple workout routines will ensure that you don’t lose momentum during your time away from gym equipment. Home workouts are also a great way to battle anxiety by boosting endorphins.

What are the daily workouts during these times that we find ourselves in?

Let’s take a look at daily workouts that keep muscles active and guarantee general fitness. They are simple routines for everyone that require little or no equipment.


Burpees are a great choice if you want to do something intense without visiting the gym. You don’t have to go ahead and do 100 reps. All you have to do is start with something that is doable but would still pose a challenge. Starting with 50 reps is a welcome idea.

To do a burpee, you would have to stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. While in this position, keep your hands at your sides and ensure your knees are straight.

Ensure that your shoulders are upright with your back straight as you tighten your abs and squeeze your butt at the beginning of each rep.

Slowly, bend your hips and knees and go into a squat. Move your hips forward and bend your knees to face the ground. Straighten your back and keep your arms close to your body.

Next, place your hand on the floor in front of you. Make sure your arms are straight but don’t lock your elbows. Then, kick your feet back into a plank position.

It’s important that your hands are shoulder-width apart and properly placed on your floor while in this position. Drop to the ground and lie flat. Press shoulder-with arms and jump your feet forward.

Do this in one smooth motion but keep your hands on the ground. The final step is to jump upwards. You’re free to jump as high as you want to but stick to reasonable height to conserve energy.

That’s the end of one rep. Repeat the entire process for another burpee rep.


Asides from the burpees, you can also do some push-ups. You may stick to the same number of reps as the burpees. It’s a pretty popular exercise but how do you do it properly?

Get into a push-up position and place your hands on the floor. Make sure that you close your hips to engage your glutes and lower abs.

Pull yourself slowly to the ground while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Start out the movement by tensing your chest region.

Next, push your hands forward to maintain the tension in your chest. It’s important that your hips do not sag and keep your glutes and lowered and tight.

Plank Rotation

Another workout to try out is the Plank Rotation. Get into position by lying on your front with your elbows locked. Keep your legs straight behind you. Tuck your toes in, tighten your abs and lift your hips off the floor.

The goal is to evenly distribute your weight between your arms and feet. Make sure that your shoulders are above your palm. Focus on keeping your body in a straight line from shoulder to ankle.

To complete a rep, take one palm off the floor, open it and rotate it till it is in the 12 o’clock position. Place the arm back down and keep your palm facing the floor.

Plank rotation is harder, the closer your feet are together. Therefore, you can start out with a wider stance before closing the distance between your feet. This will add more intensity after a few simple reps.

V – Sit

Do you know how to do the v – sit? Take a look at how it’s done. Lie on the ground with your legs stretched out and keep your hands by your side. This will be the start and stop position for each complete rep.

While keeping your legs straight and outstretched, tighten your torso and lift it towards your thighs. Maintain a v – shape and stretch your hands towards your feet.

Take your hands closer to your feet by slowly lowering your back. To do this routine properly, you have to ensure that you don’t rush through it.

Make sure your torso is tightened throughout the routine. Keep your back from arching or else you’ll not be engaging your core muscles.

The intensity of this routine can be increased by adding some weight to your hands or ankles.


Squats are a straightforward routine to engage your muscles early in the morning. Stand on your feet with your hips-width apart. Tighten your core and keep your back muscles engaged. This will be the start and end position for each completed rep.

With your core tightened, sit your hips back, bend your knees and go into a squat. Keep the weight fixed in your heels, flex your knees, and go back to your starting position.

Tighten your glutes at a standing position and repeat the movements. During the routine, keep your body weight balanced on both feet. You can consult an expert to determine the correct body position for you.

It’s important that your back doesn’t arch throughout the exercise.

This period doesn’t have to be the end of your workout routine. It’s important that you keep feet and don’t lose too much momentum while staying at home. The routines above will keep you in shape during these times that we find ourselves in


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