Everybody’s doing it, doing it, doing it – The Skinhead

While we are in this period of social isolation, we are all having to come to terms with everyday things we just took for granted prior to this, retail therapy, going for a drink with friends, getting your hair cut and as a result of this, A LOT of us are turning to a spot of DIY. Now, when I say DIY, to be more accurate I mean GSETDI, as in Get Someone Else To Do It, and the case in question is Haircuts. Yes, we are trusting our nearest and dearest with hair clippers, even though they have never so much as touched a set of hair clippers before, we are turning to them, for a low maintenance option of a Skinhead. In fact, the number of male hair clippers sold was up +228.2% for 5-11 April compared to the same week last year, with value growth of +320.7%. Although this is a lower figure than we saw during the peak in the two weeks before, the average selling price remains on an upward trend week-by-week.

With this in mind, we are seeing a real trend out there for GSETDI when it comes to our hair maintenance, over the last couple of weeks alone we’ve seen the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Mark Wright, Kelvin Fletcher and even Mr David Beckham returning to his skinhead roots, although I really couldn’t see Posh with a set of Clipper in one hand and asking David if a 1 is too short, can you?

Kelly Whitwick, UK Retail Lead for Market Insights at Research company GfK, comments, “The increased price points for both shavers and hair clippers indicates a transition from the focus on ‘survival’ shopping that we saw in the first weeks of lockdown, into a ‘cocooning’ phase. People are accommodating themselves to the new reality and are increasingly making aspirational purchases within these limits, rather than just survival purchases.”


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