Meet the online retailer exclusively selling A-Z eco-friendly products to eco-conscious consumers

Say “Hello” to a new platform exclusively selling a range of eco-friendly products from A-Z.

With all expert opinion claiming many aspects of how we lived our lives prior to the Covid19 pandemic being different once we come out on the other side, whether that be travel and tourism, the way we work in our careers to retailing in every aspect from food to fashion, General conscientious, is our lives will be different in many ways.

New Footprint is a platform that connects eco-friendly consumers with eco-friendly businesses, simple idea, yeah? Having all these incredible products in one place makes them easier to find, easier to order, and levels the playing field for eco-retailers who don’t want to run their own website or who would otherwise struggle to gain brand awareness.

New Footprint foundations began with the important mission of creating a one-stop-shop for sustainable and cost-effective products – everything you’d need to live an environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious lifestyle, all important in the new normal life we will be leading in this new world order, just hopefully not in an Orwellian style.

Products available on their online shop range from organic clothing to dinnerware made from leaves, to guilt-free grooming products and essentially everything in between. Major brands creating waves within their respective industries are listed on New Footprint including Bru Cups (voted on the top 10 best re-useable coffee cups), so given a whirl and feel good about a spot of retail therapy.


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