5 Cool Business Ideas for Men in Their 30s

Words by Peter Minkoff

Having a traditional nine-to-five job might be a template we’ve stretched too thin, and it’s time for something more flexible and exciting, something that will actually help you accomplish your financial and creative goals at one go. Men in this day and age have so many different options to choose from, and thankfully, you can even try out a few of them before you discover your true calling. However, instead of going into trial and error as your system of elimination, perhaps this is a better way to do your research and look into the options that appeal to you the most.

We’ve listed a few that might ring true with your entrepreneurial nature, so that you can evaluate your skills and expertise and try your hand at something that has potential to bring you joy as well as profit. Here are a few opportunities for a business that every man in his 30s will love!

Express yourself through photography

Artistic jobs are everywhere, but an adventurous man should look for a business that grants him the freedom to get creative and the chance to earn a solid, stable living. Enter: photography! If you have the expressive authenticity, you can put your skills to use at parties, gallery openings, weddings, corporate events, you name it.

You can, of course, specialize in a wide range of photography styles, and you should always invest in high-quality equipment that will ensure the end product is superb.

Start your own artisan cafe

Foodies are everywhere, and with more travelers and digital nomads traversing the globe, you’re looking at an extraordinary expansion of your target demographic if you try your hand at managing a cafe or an eatery – or a mix of both!

To run a coffee shop successfully, in addition to the right managerial skills, you should invest in the right cafe POS system that will help you automate a wide array of processes and eliminate human error. Plus, it will make it much simpler for your customers to enjoy the experience without any hassle and various payment options at hand. Give your cafe the edge it needs, and you’ll be able to run a business that will attract locals as well as globetrotters.

How about a career in fitness?

In recent years, and considering the current pandemic, more people are turning to a career in health and wellness one way or another. For men who are passionate about nutrition, regular exercise, and other healthy habits, you can actually use this momentum to help people get back on their feet health-wise, and establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Luckily, this expansive industry boasts quite a wide array of categories you can try to fit into, pardon the pun, from offering customized nutrition programs, training plans, all the way to online guided classes, a men’s skincare selection, etc.

Teaching and tutoring

Another career opportunity on the rise for men is online teaching, especially for native English speakers, since more people are looking for classes they can take online and tailor to their own schedule. This is a brilliant chance to build your own website, showcase your teaching credentials, and build a unique program for passing on your knowledge to interested students.

Of course, languages aren’t the only subject matter that your global audience will find alluring, so you can adjust your curriculum based on your own expertise and create workshops and seminars to share your skills.

Become a life coach

Are you good at listening to people, recognizing their problems, and helping them find effective solutions? Becoming a life coach means that you’ll get a chance to give people wings and to help them accomplish their own unique goals in life. However, instead of a generalized approach, it’s best to select a specific niche, much like in all other business sectors.

Perhaps your business ventures are a great learning source for future entrepreneurs? Or maybe your degree in psychology can help you guide people to find true happiness and fulfillment. Maybe your exceptional organizational skills can help people strike that fine work-life balance? In any scenario, it’s best to narrow down and cater to a specific, targeted audience. Just make sure you invest in the right credentials and accreditations to inspire trust in your future clients.

Although there are dozens of other options that can turn into quite profitable businesses for a modern man, these opportunities are considered to be on the rise, especially once the global health crisis settles. Instead of taking a few chances, this is a brilliant way to do your research and discover a business model that will bring out the best in you and help you grow as an entrepreneur in the years to come


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