SomeTV for the Weekend

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

Welcome to a different kind of #SomethingForThe Weekend, where this week we
re swapping shopping for streaming. Under these uncertain circumstances the list of watchables below will hopefully give you some well deserved distractions from the

stresses we are all experiencing with the virus. We hope everything is keeping safe, well and healthy.

1) Knives Out (2019) – 12A

This was one of the films last year which I failed to go and see at the cinema, something which I regret now after watching it at home as it would have definitely been a worth while journey. Aside from the star studded line-up which includes Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis to name a few, the film possess a strong whodunit’ plot which unlike many other less punchy films, keeps you hooked until the very last scene. This is a must watch if you havent already and one for the whole family!

The film is available to rent/purchase on Apple TV, Sky Cinema, Youtube Movies and more!

2)   Killing Eve, Season 3, (2020) – 15

If youre running out of series to watch and havent yet started Killing Eve, I hope this post can be the polite nudge that gets you to give the series a go! Its probably my favourite series to ever come out of the BBC. The storyline of the first two seasons involves a global chase between ‘Villanelle’ a Russian paid-to-kill assassin and British Intelligence agent Eve Polastri.

The mis-en-scene of the series is truly unique which makes it all the more enticing to binge. I wouldnt want to give anymore away about the plot with the third seasons first episode airing only the Monday just gone, with the remaining episodes dropping weekly. All of Killing Eve is available exclusively on BBC iPlayer.

3) McMafia (2018) – 15

Another great series to come out of the BBC, bond front runner James Norton plays a legitimate banker who runs his own investment firm. His unfortunate family ties to the Russian mafia spark a series of events which blur his investment decisions and associations across the world.

The series which unfolds in some beautiful locations across the globe sheds a light on some of base-level crimes which underpin some of the wealthiest figures in the world. No loose reference to the real world Im sure. This series of 8 episodes is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure! Definitely one to start now or add to the list.

4) Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989) – PG

BBC are doing a brilliant job at keeping us entertained through the lockdown and this is now accretion. The entire saga of Indiana Jones films available to watch now on iPlayer.

I had to pick my personal favourite of the 4 which is The Last Crusade, number 3. The film which introduces Indianas father played by Sean Connery, is a comical match-up that really made the film a classic. Im sure I dont need to outline the storyline of Indiana jones to anyone reading this, but it is the ultimate adventure thrill ride in each of the 4 of the films. Particularly this one! All available on BBC iPlayer.

5) Tiger King : The Aftershow (2020) – 12

Following on from huge success of one Netflixs many viral originals series, the additional 8th episode is now out of Netflix. If you havent watched the show yet I dont doubt youve had a friend tell you to watch or speak about it with you. The show which is centred around the crazy world of big cats in the United States ends in a monumental fop are lands many of the main individuals in hot water. Being as cryptic as I can for anyone reading who hasnt yet seen the first 7 episodes.

The 8th episode titled The Aftershowis filmed via a FaceTime set-up, with follow up interviews with some of the main characters from the previous series! Definitely a must watch for any fans of the previous 7 episodes

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy and remember were all in this together!


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