There’s more to Harry’s then this – Harry’s new Grooming range

Chilly winter mornings as we prepare for the clocks to go back, will cause the average Brit to spend an extra 24hours in bed over the colder months.

Now, we’ve all heard of Harry’s and how they’ve revolutionised the way we approach shaving and how we buy our shaving accoutrements. Plus the sterling work they have done in highlighting mental health, in particularly the desire state of male mental health provision. But, that’s not all Harry’s are all about, they are now an all encompassing, all purpose, answering all the grooming needs of all men with a brand spanking new grooming range.

So, you can forget sluggish mornings and the snooze button, Harry’s NEW FIG SHOWER GEL which will give you a glimpse of fresh summer air on a beach in Santorini – the perfect refreshing, wake up call to motivate you to start your day.

Harry’s are bringing the enjoyment back into your morning, starting your day right with an energising and rich formula, of fruits and spices, which bloom as the foam amps up, provides a blast of fig, blood orange and cardamom, that make each shower feel (or at least smell) like a holiday to the Aegean Islands.

Plus, a 2 IN 1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Provides a balanced clean with everyday hydration. This unique formula cleans deep but doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils. It lathers richly and is formulated with 0% sulphates, parabens, and dyes.

Then we have a hair styling product for whatever way your hair is feeling on any given day. This taming cream both enhances natural texture and moisturises. By acting as a mild conditioner for curly, coarse, or thick hair, it helps keep unruly hair smooth and in check. Bonus: It’s so lightweight you’ll forget it’s even there.
Or TEXTURIZING PUTTY spruces up your natural look with immediate control and lasting definition. This supple putty adds a healthy dose of texture to help keep your hair tidy yet full of volume. Its flexibility lets you easily shape and reshape throughout the day and lastly the SCULPTING GEL. This locks in bold, sharp styles without flaking or fading throughout the day. But unlike potentially harsh hair gels, this alcohol-free formulation doesn’t dry or damage hair in the process.


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