Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

This week weve gone for a real early 2000s inspired outfit based mainly off my recent addiction to Friends and general love for baggier clobber. Lets get into it..

1. Stone-Island Wool Cable-Knit (Cream) 

This super high quality sweater is available exclusively at Mr.Porter.

Stone-Island is a brand with a rich history, coveted for its innovation in producing unique often hi-tech fabrics and prints. Their iconic orange Heat-Reactive sweatshirt was a testament to such innovation. The Jumper constructed out of a heat-reactive yarn is currently sat on re-sale platform Grailed for over $2000. I will include a link to the jumper below as it is proper piece to marvel at. Stone Islands constant drive to use and create unique fabrics can be traced back to the brands founder. Massimo Osti.

Before Stone-Island there was CP Company, Ostis first baby which surfaced slap bang in the middle of the 70s. Stone Island was setup several years later in 82with the purpose to develop dying and fabric treatment techniques. Two perfection which you can find in almost every product today bar their basic sweats and T-shirts.

Whilst the Italian brand was popular domestically in the years after its birth, its noticeable take flight moment happened during the 90s when it became a symbol of ‘casual culture. When English football fans travelled across to Italy and brought back droves of Stone Island, CP Company and other brands like Ellesse and Moschino sparking an instantaneous demand for the brand over the channel.

Stone-Island as of today is run by Carlo Revetti who has actually been involved with the company since 1983 when his company GTF bought a 50% stake in the brand, later buying the lot. He and Osti worked together for over a decade before parting ways in 1994.

To take a look at the Heat Reactive jumper click the image below;

2. Polar Skate Co Denim pants (Green)

Polar Skate Co, is yet another example of a skate brand which has been welcomed by consumers worldwide. Whilst it’s much younger than the likes of Supreme, Palace and Stussy you can see a similar path of success for the brand ahead.

Malmö. Sweden. 2011is where the brand began. Founded by Pontus Alv who many consider one of the OGs in helping build the skate scene in Sweden. Alv created Polar Skate Co to pay reverence to skate culture instead of using it to push the items like commodity. Its an ethos which clearly translates well to a wider audience hence the brands global success.

The skate world is a tight-knit community like many other sub-cultures, evident in Polar Skate Co with many of its skate team having a direct impact on the design of its product.

Polar Skate Co is another brand with Re-affirms that Skate culture has just as much of an influence on street/pop culture as hip-hop or any other sport you can think of.

To Shop the pants ;

3. Converse x A$AP NAST Jack Purcell (Green) 

This particular converse is the third link-up between US rapper and creative A$AP Nast. He first collaborated with Converse back in 2017 producing 1 iteration  of the Chuck Taylor and One-Star inspired by mid-century furniture.

As weve touched upon the history of converse in our very first episode of #SFTW which you can still find on this very blog, well have a little delve into the Jack Purcell model itself.

Jack Purcell born in Canada in 1904, was known for making one of the first iconic sneakers in history as-well as being a world champion badminton player. He created his signature shoe with B.F. Goodrich Company in the early 1930s to provide additional support whilst playing the game he loved.

Converse much later purchased the ‘Jack Purcelltrademark rights in the 1970s and has used the trademark to create an another successful line as chief support to the One-Star and Chuck-Taylor. The Jack Purcell Converse can be distinguished by the overlapping rubber on the toe-box.

To shops this collab hit the image below, also available in a rusty brown;


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