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Welcome to the latest iteration of Something for the weekend! In this weeks edition weve found a couple of absolute bargains which are still lingering around after the initial summer sale. But lingering certainly doesnt mean unwanted.

1. Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirt (Black) – £45.00/£79.00

The first item on our list today comes from Champion. Subjectively speaking, my favourite sweats brand. Champion provides a mostly simple range of sweats that vary in colour and fit. For and average built 6 foot male such as me they nail the shape of their joggers sweatshirts and T-shirts. Super comfy.

Instantly recognisable by their red and blue CChampion has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in the last six or seven years more notably in the UK and Europe above its home across the pond in the U.S.

The foundations for the brand were laid in 1919, when the Feinbloom Brothers started producing sportswear. Then came the boom of American inter-university sports. The brothers first partnered with Michigan. Soon enough word spread about the quality of the clothing across the U.S. through Michigans coaches conversations with other universities.  

The most notable milestones of the American heritage brands journey include its exclusive rights to dress the NBA (National Basketball Association) and all of its 27 teams during the 90s & its hailing as the OG creator of the hooded sweatshirt in the 70s created to keep players warm on the sidelines.  Champions new wave of success, like with many retro brands has come as a result of its easily adaptable logo. Recent Collaborations include high end house Off-White and London based DIY designer ClothSuregon with annual link-ups including Beams and Supreme.

To shop the sweatshirt below click the link which is also available in sale, in other colours, definitely a steal for the quality! Available sizes range from XS – XXL.

2. Topman Corduroy Joggers (Burgundy) £10.00/£35.00  

Cheap as Chips! These super clean corduroy joggers could easily pass as some

semi-smart trousers or be worn as their name states. Joggers.

Topman and many of its sister companies which include; TOPSHOP, Evans, Wallis and Burton Mens have collectively seen a sharp decline in profits. Predominantly due to the issues which face many once more successful retailers today. The main costs such as rent and imports have grown year upon with revenues not remaining parallel. However Arcadias new CVA (company voluntary agreement) which includes closures and widespread pre-agreed rent decreases give the brand a chance to re-set and attempt to rise back to its former glory.

The history of Topman dates back to 1964. Peter Robinson, a department store based in London and Sheffield formed “Top shop” as an extension to its current product offering

with spaces being allocated in both Sheffield and Robinsons prime spot upon Oxford Circus. “Top shop” originally sold clothing from up and coming designers such as Mary Quant. Later in 78Topman was formed to add to Burtons menswear range and support the womenswear retail operation. During the 80s Top shopwas then commonly known as what is is today. TOPSHOP.

The link for the joggers are below, email sign-up can give you a further 10% off and they are also available in blue!

3. Reebok Club C 85(White) – £65.00

Reebok Club C 85 or “Reebok Club Champion 1985as its full expansion means is a trainer which feels lost in time. Unable to ride the wave of many of its competitive brothers of the time such as the Adidas Superstar or Nike Air Force one. The shoe post release was soon stripped off the shelves until more recently in 2017 with its re-introduction into the sneaker market Most likely as a resulting from the resurgence of vulcanised sneakers such as  Nike SBs and Stan Smiths.

Reebok as a brand overall has remained true to its roots investing more in activewear than more commercial sportswear. Its stores, speaking from a UK perspective all have a heavy gym aesthetic mirrored by its sponsorship deals with UFC athletes worldwide.

English brothers Joe & Jeff Foster founded the brand in 1958. A continuation of their grandfathers craft of creating spikes for track runners. Almost a UK version of Nikes later founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman who also started by making running shoes. The name Reebok derives from the words Grey Rhebok’ —a type of African Antelope. Reebok continued to to produce spikes for the next couple of decades in the 60s & 70s  before expanding into the U.S through Paul Fireman. A man who the brothers met a trade show in Chicago and gained the subsequent rights to be the North American distributor for the brand. And later the Owner.

Nike and Adidasbattle to become mens sportswear king during the 80s allowed Reebok to place of focus on the nigh on undervalued womenswear market. Adidas years later would go on to purchase Reebok in 2005. A deal estimated to be worth around $3.8 Billion dollars.

To shop the Club C 85 hit the link below, plenty of other colour ways are available and with some in sale:

Thanks for reading another of our Something for the Weekend. Let us know what you think @clothesmaketheman on instagram.


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