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Words by Cameron McLauchlan

In this, the latest edition of ‘something for the weekend’ we’ll be continuing the summer aesthetic as in London and the wider UK we seem to be having a sustained period or good weather this summer at long bloody last!


1. Judy Blame (Barry tee) – £65.00

This Judy Blame T-Shirt features designs by the late creative. Forming one of a five design T-shirt collection available currently at Dover Street Market London by Judy Blame.

Judy Blame born Christopher Barnes sadly passed away aged 58 last year, his work and influence particularly in the mid-to-late eighties  will stand the test of time for years to come. Blame grew to prominence in the 80’s as one of the London’s most well-known punks especially within the circles of fashion and the thriving clubbing scene of the time.

One of his most talked about points of significance dates back to 1985, Blame along with John Moore a fellow jewellery designer set-up The House Of Beauty and Culture in DalstonNorth London which was a group of similar craft creatives including Fiona Bowen and Christopher Nemeth to name a couple.

Originally known for his design within accessories often creating chains and necklaces from scrap metal and bones. The bones coming often from the side of the river Thames, a method known as mudlarking originating from the 18/19 hundreds he also made other jewellery items and t-shirts.

Throughout his years Blame consulted for the likes of Ricardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano and Kim Jones during his time at Louis Vuitton more recently, highlighting the need for his invaluable angles on bringing the concepts of fashion big league designers to life.

To shop the T-shirt hit the link in the image where you can view the full collection of T-Shirts by Judy Blame.



2. Needles Side-Stripe track pant (Nude) – £204.95 down from £289.95

This iconic side-stripe style of track pant from Needles has become a totem within the streetwear community, being donned on the regular by the likes A$AP Rocky Tyga and more. Needles has added to a returned trend of looser, straight-fit pants more common than its skinnier counter-part.

Needles  was birthed through the well known American-inspired Japanese store Nepenthes.  Keizo Shimizu Nepenthes’ and subsequently Needles owner broke away from his former store ‘Redwood’ in 1987 and created Nepenthes the following year in 88.

During the 90’s when importing quality US goods became more difficult this is when Keizo decided to begin to create the clothes himself hence the birth of Needles. 

Keizo’s catalyst came when he read a ‘Made in u.s.a’ catalogue which in his own words “started to think that there wouldn’t be any rules to be cool.” He also had a passion for the beloved American sport of baseball as a kid. The time he spent studying at fashion college along with his fondness of authentic American apparel has taken him to where he is today.

Overall Needles, with some parallels to Kapital, takes forms of American inspiration which obviously strikes a chord with consumers worldwide whether it’s their deconstructed cotton shirts to their athletics inspired tracksuits.

Be sure to check out Nepenthes’ store in London and as of recent its online UK Store where you’ll find the latest from Needles and other brands such as Daiki Suzuki’s Engineered Garments and more.

Needles is also available on Farfetch, Net-a-porter, WellGosh and GoodHood.

Nepenthes London Address : 8 Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury,WC1H 0JL.

Shop the pants above by hitting the image:

3. Maison Margeila ‘Replica’ Sneakers – £319.00

Easily Margeila’s most successful silhouette, this particular iteration of the ‘replica’ features a full leather upper with off-white suede overlays. The perfect summer sneaker whether your heading out smart or casual and subtlety flex on those who know about MARGEILA!

The story of Maison Margeila begins in the year 1988 when it was officially founded by the great Martin Margeila. The original idea being to create a single dress-code for all with references to Haute Couture of previous times.

Margeila has the ability to create both wearable everyday pieces and real works of art referring to his Haute Couture collections. All formed with a dystopian aesthetic prominently conceptualised for Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ tour in 2013 rolling into 14′ with West wearing custom made mask’s, overthrows, jackets and as equally talked about as the masks ; pony hair high top sneakers. All designed by Margeila.

Originally designing womenswear Margeila now runs a total of 23 lines for both men and women including accessories and read-to-wear with line 14 named ‘Replica’ hence the sneakers name. In addition to the 23 lines Margeila also creates Haute Couture pieces.

“Each garment is marked with a plain white label, fastened by four stitches, which can be cut and removed to render the garment anonymous.”


This a message from the designer prompting one to look past the name situated on the tag and instead take a deeper look into the design concept and connotation in the garment.

To find out more about the Parisian based house click the image.

for the timeline in the words of the brand itself:

Hit the image below to shop the Replica’s and the rest of the Margiela RTW collection for SS/19:

5. HIGHSNOBIETY – “The complete Highsnobiety guide to sweet fashion & culture” £40.00 – Available at other retailers.

For anyone looking to become more knowledgeable on the snowballing rise of the streetwear community from origins to to near present day, this book curated by fashion magazine and now pure-play retailer Highsnobiety is both easy on the eye and informative. And looks great on your contemporary Ikea Coffee table.   

Highsnobiety was originally created by a Mr David Fischer and initially formed in 2005 as the result of a streetwear blog run at his time studying in his home country of Switzerland.

Speaking with the business of fashionFischer spoke on finding his niche  

“It was at a time that there wasn’t a lot of choice for someone interested in a creative discipline in fashion outside of fashion design, There was no fit for me in terms of courses offered in Europe.”

In 2009 Fischer moved to Berlin to open the first Highsnobiety office, Highsnobiety now operates on a global scale with further offices in London and New-York. Operating as a fashion and lifestyle magazine Highsnobiety covers all areas of the culture.

Some important news to add as of late, Highsnobiety has now launched its first ever e-commerce platform which will be operating via a drop based scheduling where brands will create exclusive collaborations and wholesale opportunities for the Highsnob platform. To celebrate the e-commerce channels launch Prada exclusively re-released its Linea Rossa apparel through Highsnobiety. More recently Highsnobiety has created an exclusive collection with hit U.S. hit series Stranger Things. 

To Shop the magazine hit the image below:


Thank you for reading another Something For The Weekend, we hope you learned something new! Enjoy the sun while it lasts.


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