How To Choose The Right Luxury Watch For You

Whether it’s your first or your thirtieth, buying a luxury watch should be a pleasure. That sounds like it should go without saying, but given how broad the market it is and how many pitfalls there are, it’s easier said than done. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so here are five tips to help you get the best out of your next watch purchase.

Buy From A Reputable Resource

Unless you’re the Columbo of clocks and really know whatyou’re doing, you’re guaranteed a more relaxed and ultimately safer experience shopping somewhere with a good reputation. Given the accuracy of today’s fake watches, better safe than sorry, plus a warranty is always a bonus for peace of mind.

Don’t Buy Just For Investment

If you’re planning on wearing the watch you’re purchasing and actually want to enjoy it, don’t trip yourself up thinking about investment. If the watch you really want has potential to go up in value, great, but don’t forego the timepiece that will make you happy just for a few extra quid down the line.

Think About Servicing

There are some superb watches from some of the best manufacturers in the world that can be purchased at a significant saving from new when bought pre-owned, however—pay mind to the cost of servicing it. A Ferrari still costs Ferrari money to maintain even if you buy one cheap; the same goes for high-end watches.

Don’t Listen To The Internet

Modern watches are rarely bad these days. Taste is a personal matter, however, and one person’s grail can quite easily be another’s fail. If there’s a watch you like that the internet says is bad, so long as it’s not for reasons of build quality or reliability, pay no heed.

Keep Focussed

If the watch you’re after requires a bit of saving to secure, keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let other watches you could afford now get in your way. The temptation of the immediate reward versus the ultimate payoff may be strong at first, but crumble and break and you’ll likely regret it.


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