Goodwin Smith – Your shoe brand this summer!

Words by Isaac Perry

What is the first thing you look at when admiring an outfit? Well, we at Clothes Make the Man personally look directly at the shoes as these are one of the fine details that can either make or break an outfit! Please now refer to us as Shoes make the Man (Joking!)

Finding a brand who offers incredibly high-quality footwear can be incredibly difficult, however, we think that we may just have found the brand which you NEED to be looking at for all your footwear this year.

Goodwin Smith was founded in 1928 and has taken real pleasure in delivering incredibly high-quality footwear for its consumer ever since. Goodwin Smith pride themselves on the high-quality products which they offer for the amazing price point they are sat at and take incredible care throughout the production process to make sure that each shoe is made with love and given the attention they deserve!

It’s almost hard to believe the Goodwin Smith actually started as a bit of a competition between two rival shoemakers (Ernie Goodwin and Walter Smith) and after an argument, the duo decided to have a face-off and see which of them would make the perfect pair. However, as many good arguments are resolved (over a pint) they found they had an awful lot of common interests and decided to join forces in creating the ultimate gentleman’s shoe and to this day Goodwin Smith has continued to create some of the best footwear in the business. Are you tempted yet?

They have just dropped their latest GS28 Collection. This is a combination of contemporary meeting traditional with Goodwin Smith venturing out of their comfort zone in order to create an athleisure shoe whilst maintaining that classic gentleman aesthetic and keeping up to date with current trends. Now you can wear your Goodwin Smiths whether you’re at an event or day to day!

The high-quality range which Goodwin offers includes; Boots, Plimsolls, Derby’s, Loafers, Monkstraps, Oxfords, Sliders and even Wellies so there is quite literally something for everybody and with summer coming you may want to start looking for your new pair this year.


Some personal favourites include the Bolton Tan Brogue, this pair has incredibly fine detailing and hand made with the some of the highest quality leathers. This limited-edition brogue is perfect for this summer and simply pairing them alongside some clean beige shorts and a white tee is a look which we can definitely vouch for. What makes this shoe different though? Other than its incredibly high quality it has a wedge sole with the brands iconic blue stripe around the sole. We understand that brown may not be for everyone but please do not worry! As the black alternative is also as lovely and once paired with a pair of cropped grey trousers will definitely catch the attention of those around you!

Alternatively, they also offer leather trainers which are perfect for everyday wear and most importantly will last you a long time, however only getting better and better the softer the leathers gets. You obviously want to match the shoes with the outfit and Goodwin Smith has you covered with an incredibly wide range of colours including White, Black, Brown, Grey and even Teal for the ones of you wanting your footwear game to pop!


Goodwin Smith is the perfect brand for all your smart shoe needs and desires. Summer is approaching incredibly quickly and perfecting a smart casual look for a BBQ is the only way forward with Goodwin Smith being perfect for all occasions and a standout feature of all outfits. What are you waiting for?


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