Ignite the traveller in you – Montblanc Explorer

After Legend and Emblem, Montblanc launches a new fragrance in 2018 that pays tribute to a theme to which it is closely linked: exploration. Explorers know it well: adventure has no limits. Once you have climbed a new summit, you start thinking of the next challenge, kinda like cleaning out the boot of your car, what do you move onto next ? 

The name Montblanc EXPLORER was, some night day, an obvious choice: the Luxury House has been a favourite among keen travellers for the past century, thanks to its fountain pens whose ink never leaks, whatever happens in life or travel. These forward- thinking canny craftspeople have cultivated a quality that is essential in the eyes of every pioneer: reliability.

Montblanc shares the same values as explorers, such as the relentless quest for excellence. Climbing summits, challenging conventions and exploring the four corners of the globe. From South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or the Peak Distinct;

Montblanc EXPLORER invites explorers on a fantastic journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.

To create Montblanc EXPLORER, three outstanding talents from Givaudan have combined their expertise: Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux, who’s past work have included scents for fragrance houses including Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta and Acqua Di Parma. Each of them brought their own knowledge of a specific ingredient and their emotional experience, both as a nose and a traveller, to this unique collaborative project. Together they have created an innovative olfactory experience. 

They developed their own travel diary to create this extraordinary new fragrance: Bergamot from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia, turning Montblanc EXPLORER into an invitation to travel the world. 

The top note bursts with effusive Bergamot from Italy, revealing the bright, energetic and optimistic side of the fragrance’s heart, called OrPur. This bergamot is paired with the masculine notes of French OrPur, Clary Sage and spicy OrPur Pink Pepper.

The heart note of this journey takes us to the most remote part of Haiti: in the extreme south-west of the island, in the region of Les Cayes, where the most refined vetiver is organically and ethically produced. Celebrated by perfumers all over the world, Haiti’s vetiver oil is comparable to no other, thanks to its smoky hues and its slight overtone evoking hazelnut. OrPur Vetiver, exclusive to this specific region of the island also proudly affirms its masculinity, while keeping its natural character thanks to a unique steam distillation process. Pure charisma needs no artifice.

A final stopover takes us to Indonesia, more specifically on the island of Sulawesi to discover a new type of patchouli of unparalleled quality. This patchouli has been developed exclusively for Montblanc fragrances. Sharp, modern and naturally elegant, Montblanc EXPLORER is created around this new and bewitching woody structure. 

Montblanc EXPLORER thus takes pride of place as a new exceptional accessory alongside the Maison’s iconic pens.


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